Virtual Workshops and Courses

Workshops and courses draw on a combination of teaching, meditations, and light yoga practices, combined to transform negative patterns held in the energetic space of the heart.

Workshops include Alchemy of the Heart Meditation, Prosperity Consciousness, Sacred Relationships and Pain to Power. What differentiates is the intuitive mentoring and teaching; Hema’s insights provide even the most self-aware with an empowering new understanding. This means that shifts can happen on an emotional and physical level. Even persistent symptoms have been known to transform instantly. Sign up for news to be kept up to date with new dates coming soon.

“Practical teachings and group learning allows you to feel fully supported – you will have the tools to continue your practise at home inspired by a sense of connection with like-minded people.”  @thehemavyas


Virtual Talks

Talks are designed to help deepen your understanding and experience of heart intelligence. These offer the perfect introduction to Hema’s philosophy and work.

Hema recently gave a workshop with Bamford on instagram  on activating your Heart Alchemy.  In-person, she has recently spoken at Bamford Cotswolds, Soho House London, Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing Festival, the Conscious Living & Working Conference with a keynote on ‘Bringing a deeper intelligence to work and life: understanding the power of the heart in the new, conscious economy’ and at Positive Life magazine’s Positive Nights in Dublin, with a Q+A by Paul Congdon on emotional wellbeing and how to foster it in the face of climate change.

“When we experience connection with the heart’s energy system; realignment connects us to the universal consciousness, where passion, purpose and creativity that is unique to each of us exists” @thehemavyas


“Retreats add another dimension to daily life, through alignment of body, mind, soul and heart, consciousness is raised to a level of love, compassion and clarity”


Retreats and Programs to align mind, body and heart

Hema’s specially-created programs take place in luxurious global locations set against of the backdrop of stunning nature. The experiences bring to light timeless wisdom to help connect to pure heart energy; the source of joy, love, creativity and prosperity. Hema’s next one day Heart Alchemy transformative retreat takes place amongst 40 acres of stunning greenery in Warwickshire, UK.

The experience is both relaxed and informal, creating a perfect environment to learn the practical tools to open up to the wisdom contained in the heart. All the teachings and exercises work on releasing any energetic debris or patterns held consciously and unconsciously, to ultimately bring about feelings of freedom, empowerment and bliss.

Designed to stimulate each of the senses to bring about optimal balance, retreats includes daily guided meditations, Gyan and Raja yoga, chanting, and spiritual teaching. In a state of enhanced wellbeing and away from the routine of everyday life, Hema’s philosophy is that new inspiration and sense of purpose have the space to come to light.

Hema’s success is evident in the lives of countless clients and participants, many of whom attend her events regularly with dedication, and as part of their commitment to their continued expansion of consciousness and self-awareness.

This was my first workshop with Hema and I would describe it as a life-changing process. Hema welcomed me in with her warmth, openness and light empathic energy, helping me to feel instantly at ease and valued at part of the workshop group. Although the work was intense and confronting at times, Hema created and consistently maintained healing energy of light and love in the room, empowering every individual to work within themselves with love and compassion for who we are; where we have come from and where we want to go. The process included meditation and kundalini yoga, exercises (my first time) and I cannot explain the subtle powerfulness that each practise provided connecting me to my core truth. For anyone who has been stuck in pain or stagnation in their lives, my advice would be, gift yourself with the beauty and support of Hema’s workshops. I have no doubt you will experience, as I together with many others have, a greater sense of peace, understanding and purpose

Rita Moussa, Education Specialist

This workshop cleared a blockage in my heart that prevented me from feeling loved, as I was always expecting a devastating loss. This was karmic healing. As a result, I feel more open, in the moment and often feel excitement in many everyday situations. I guess I feel ‘in the flow’ more often now. It has also improved my relationship with my partner. To know and love yourself will change the world!

Andrew, Historian