We live in a paradoxical era. It takes more than intelligence to succeed. It takes heart intelligence: the ability to manage emotions, thoughts, relationships and energy.

If we place heart-based values front and centre, we can create cultures of growth and set the tone for leadership, wellness and mentorship at all levels.

When you have the courage to go there with your silent heartaches as well as aspirations your heart becomes an instrument of creative power and limitless possibility.

You can create a positive ripple effect that goes out into the world.

…we believe this begins with how we love and lead.

Our hearts’ energetic field speaks more powerfully than words.

When we place value on, and find a way to experience heart qualities like love and gratitude, it affects not only our immediate environment – our coworkers and loved ones – but also our wider ecosystems and the entire world.

The heart energy acts as a magnet. In an open and expansive state, we effortlessly connect with the right situations, people and opportunities. We attract solutions and innovative concepts.

Meet Hema

A visionary who awakens new possibilities

Hema Vyas is a multi-award-winning corporate wellness mentor and trailblazer in heart intelligence. Her refined intuitive skills and innate ability to read heart energy have earned her the title of modern-day seer.

Omnipreneurs value health, humanity and sustainability alongside business objectives.As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™ speaker, she teaches startups, corporations, and a wide range of global audiences how to harness the power and potential of the heart. Hema addresses the silent heartaches and aspirations of high-achievers.

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What we hear and see is that when people hear Hema speak, they experience shifts in perspective, moments of inspiration which allow for change. Hema is a versatile speaker, she delivers with warmth and impact so the sessions really come to life and curiosity is engaged. Every session is unique, it responds to where people are.

Bring a transformative experience to your audience.

Keynote Talks and Programs  •  Lunch and Learn or All Company Talks  •  Panel Conversations  •  Motivational Workshops  •  Fireside Chats

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We are a leadership and wellness consultancy. Our suite of services are designed to provide opportunities for growth. We imagine businesses as spaces that encourage individuality and support people in discovering their whole selves, to reach a level of clarity, creativity and authenticity that, like pure gold, brings sustainable value. Bespoke programs shift paradigms and boost performance.

When you take care of your people, the bottom line take care of itself.

Masterclasses for High-Achievers •  Away Days or Leadership and Wellness Retreat Offsite Events  •  Emerging Leaders Mentoring and Group Learning Programs  •  Business and Personal Growth Consultancy  •  ‘Coeur Skills’ Training Live or Micro-Learning On-Demand

Experience a healing and learning HAVEN with Hema

Experience a healing and learning HAVEN with Hema

Dedicated time away with like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs. Far from the demands and routines of daily life, space is created for a deep sense of wellness, new visions and insights. A HAVEN experience invites you to step into your most expansive self and to express your fullest potential in all aspects of life.

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Our intention is to provide a bridge between where you are and your most expansive potential, as individuals, startups and large corporates.


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