Welcome to the world of Hema Vyas The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™. As a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, and author of "The Silent Heartache of High-Achievers" (2023), I understand the unique challenges faced by those striving to make a difference.

My philosophy is rooted in the belief that when we acknowledge and address our silent heartaches alongside our aspirations, we tap into the true power of our hearts. By placing heart-based values at the forefront, we can create cultures of growth that prioritize leadership, wellness, and mentorship at every level. This begins with how we love and lead. You are invited to join us on this journey.


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Meet Hema

A visionary who awakens new possibilities

For thirty years Hema has been practising as a life leadership mentor and human capital strategist, and is one of the UK’s most prestigious therapists. As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist ™ speaker, Hema provides the path to commercial success, inclusive and evolutionary leadership, wellbeing and positive impact for independents, startups, corporates and diverse global audiences. Recently Hema has been described by Positive Life magazine as “the acclaimed speaker, psychologist and heart consciousness activator.” Her work is centered on connecting with ancient wisdom to solve the problems of modern times; especially by understanding the significance of the heart.

We believe in the role of the heart in the evolution of life and leadership, and that 21st-century leadership necessitates a new set of skills in order to sustain people and our planet. Our mission is to make the power of increasingly important, intangible, heart and human qualities teachable and measurable.

We are grateful to have received the following awards and truly appreciate all your support:
UK Health Radio Award: Self-Development Service Of The Year 2022
UK Enterprise Awards: Most Client-Focused Leadership Development Coach 2022
Greater London Enterprise Awards: Best Corporate Wellness & Life Leadership Mentor 2022

My story, ‘Heart, Wisdom, Truth, and Destiny’ is now live as part of ‘Voices of the Twenty-First Century, Women Transforming the World’

I am delighted and grateful to share that it has reached amazon bestseller status in four countries. Testament to the beautiful, collaborative and co-creative energy that has gone into the project.

Immersing ourselves in story can enable us to reach out to our deeper truths and broaden our scope of perception.

‘Voices of the Twenty-First Century, Women Transforming the World’ is available on Kindle or reach out to me to order a hard copy.

I hope it nourishes and inspires you along with those of all the purposeful women who have had the courage to share.

When I was a young adult, reading ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ allowed me to discover the capacity of stories to uplift and inspire hope.

This is a collaborative effort with heart-centered, powerhouse women passionate about uplifting others. Read more. 

Delighted to announce book release in 2023‘The Silent Heartache of High Achievers: The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Humanity Is to Heal Yourself’

What I observe with many courageous, self-aware and accomplished women and men is that somewhere beneath the surface can be a silent heartache.⁣ By high-achieving I mean in terms of talent, capability, depth of love, creativity, emotional intelligence, healing ability, leadership aptitude, entrepreneurial drive, recognition, commercial success or any combination of the above. My work is about providing a pathway to a deeper knowing and trust. So delighted to share news of my book, The Silent Heartache Of High Achievers will be released this year.

Hema as a featured speaker at the Laszlo Institute, New Paradigm in Sentience and Consciousness Online Symposium

A brief and powerful talk on the philosophy of life through the lens of consciousness and sentience from the ancient, beautiful wisdom tradition of Hinduism. One of the fundamental principles of Hinduism is that it is totally inclusive, and therefore, by association, Vedic theories of consciousness are also fully inclusive.

Introducing a Heart Renaissance

Your heart knows the way

People are waking up to the reality that our hearts can guide us to transform challenges and allow life to flow effortlessly.

The heart contains a deeper intelligence than the mind. When you connect with your heart, ideas come to light that benefit far beyond business and the bottom line.

In 2023 Hema will be running in-person retreats in Ireland, Italy and India among other locations to be announced. Retreats take place in nature and luxury. We invite you to learn in Hema’s heart-opening presence where it is possible to open up to deeper truths and experience spontaneous shifts, inspiration, wellbeing, leadership insights, peace and joy.

We would love for you to join us.


The Love Supreme Blueprint

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there. We are pure embodiments of love: this is our deepest truth. Yet over the course of our evolution as human beings, we have gradually moved out of alignment with that truth.

“Our planet needs love, now more than ever. It doesn’t need spiritual bypassing. The love that our planet needs is a real, raw kind of love. When we stop accepting that which is not acceptable – such as hunger, war, poverty or division – we step up to a greater sense of love. Then the world can step up and meet us where we are. The reason I chose the word ‘blueprint’ to describe the content of this course is that this word refers to a foundational plan or guideline, from which a beautiful structure may be developed. The content I will provide is intended to serve as a ‘blueprint’ that participants can continue to use long after the course itself has ended. They can work with the exercises and teachings over a longer period of time, to more deeply explore their essence as beings of love.”Preview from Hema’s article in Thrive Global. The Love Supreme Blueprint is now available On-Demand.

Meet the Most Powerful Navigator of Your Life

The belief that the heart is a more powerful navigator of life than the brain is becoming more acceptable in mainstream society as people like myself are proving this. In my twenty-seven years of experience with diverse clients and audiences, I have seen repeatedly how a connection with heart energy delivers positive transformation, leading to enriched relationships, greater authenticity, improved health and vitality and an awakened sense of purpose.

This Heart Renaissance, also known as a return to living from the heart, provides a richer experience of life, beyond the linear perception of reality that underpins dominant thinking. Feeling the positive emotions associated with the heart and tuning into its’ intelligence has the potential to not only benefit humanity but nature and all living organisms. With compassion and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, we are better able to care for each other, to inspire, and, fulfil our potential.Preview from Hema’s article in Thrive Global. Get in touch with Hema to explore ways to connect with heart intelligence for your organisation or for yourself.

“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

We couldn’t be more grateful for this supportive community of heart-centered leaders. With deep appreciation to everyone who voted for us. Our vision is to see a world where we can all live our fullest whole life potential. Aligned with our unique truths and purposes. With the power of our uniqueness and truth of our interconnectedness we believe we can thrive individually, together. We imagine businesses as spaces that encourage individuality and support people in discovering their whole selves – to reach a level of clarity, creativity and authenticity that like pure gold – brings sustainable value. We offer the tools to transform areas of challenge and amplify what is working.

Leadership, learning and development for the startup age. We can’t wait to be of more service and to support others to do so. Here’s to many more lights shining on conscious, heart-centered leaders. For a conversation about how we can support you, your startup or organisation, please reach out.

A recent post from Hema on LinkedIn. Connect there to read more.

Our hearts’ energetic field speaks more powerfully than words. As we usher in a new era of leadership, let us tend to the subtle body as well as the physical

When the heart is in an expansive space and we experience qualities such as love and gratitude, it affects not only our immediate environment – our coworkers and loved ones – but also our environments and the entire world.

The field of energy surrounding the heart reduces when it is in a contracted space, things take more effort and there is a sense of isolation.

How does this play out at work and in all aspects of life? What needs to happen to create or inspire a shift?

The businesses we partner with are outstanding in their own unique ways. If you’re interested in exploring a bespoke session on heart intelligence at work for your people, we’d love to hear from you.

Bringing about pivotal and sustained shifts in thinking, feeling and action

Hema works with diverse global audiences to bring about an alignment in heart, mind and body intelligence for optimal creativity, critical-thinking and cohesion. In 2019 Hema was keynote speaker at The Conscious Living and Working conference. She also led a Heart Wisdom workshop series at London’s Soho House and gave talks at The Conduit and The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, London. Hema was asked to speak at the The Credibility Nation Summit, Dubai Future Foundation in the UAE, The Best You event at London’s ExCel and in Los Angeles, at the UK’s Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellbeing Festival and Durham University. She guided inspirational virtual and live workshops for US-based corporate away-day specialists Team Bonding, Ubiquity University, Positive Life, Global Women’s Voice, The Wellness Universe, The Mandrake Hotel and eco-luxury brand Bamford.

Hema has worked with high-profile clients and businesses such as Google, EY, Bamford and Soho House. Her philosophy is that connecting to the power of the heart – as individuals and as a business – is essential to expanding creativity, innovation and sustainability to achieve long-term success. Clients credit her with an incredible sense of intuition and insight, which allows them to connect with their own personal heart wisdom and to realise a work and home life infused with meaning, positive impact and achievement. Recently, Hema spoke at more than forty virtual events on topics such as How Truth Cuts through Fear; Aligning Heart, Mind and Body Intelligence in our Leadership Approach, and The Power of the Heart. Her guided meditations are known for their powerful and positive influence and have been downloaded over twenty-five thousand times.


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Our intention is to provide a bridge between where you are and your most expansive potential, as individuals, startups and large corporates.


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