Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program in Kerala

This empowering experience provides deep healing, reconnection and nourishment through ancient spiritual teachings, transformative gyana yoga, and meditation practices integrated with authentic Ayurveda. In nature and luxury, you will have the space, tools and insights to connect with the most deeply held vision for your life, and the foundation for true prosperity. Email retreats@hemavyas.com with any questions, or to enquire about booking your space for 2021.

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Are you balancing on the periphery of the life you know you were born for, but lacking the clarity, creativity, support and confidence to make it your reality?

If this is you, you are invited to take the magical journey of a lifetime to bring the highest version of you into being.

Step into Kerala, India, and into the Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program to delve into releasing the blocks and stagnant energy you are carrying so you can awaken to your full life’s purpose and unlock the true love you came here to Earth for.

On this extraordinary pilgrimage into your inner world, you will instigate your own Heart Renaissance: an exclusive reconnection with your heart’s wisdom and truth to release fears, surpass limitations and ignite expansion beyond even your own greatest vision.

The heart of the program is Hema Vyas, renowned, international leading expert in psychology, ayurveda, gyana yoga, meditation and consciousness. Through these ancient spiritual teachings and practices, Hema will guide you into deep healing, reconnection, nourishment and internal and external magic.

Hema’s signature program unites you with the most powerful and creative force within you. The experience will transform you and challenge you to bring your life into a state of pure Gold.

This is a unique and coveted chance to learn from Hema and her heart intuition in an intimate setting, journeying and sharing the experience within a powerful group of kindred souls.

Get ready to discover who you really are when you’re living in your greatest expression…

I have never in my life experienced such powerful forces which evoked a transformation that by the end of the first week had permeated every part of me”  

Gabe, Founder and Restauranteur

Time and Location

Dates: We will be delighted to announce dates for early 2021 as soon as we can
Venue: Luxury Ayurvedic Resort, Kerala, India
Email: retreats@hemavyas.com

The program package includes:

  • Teaching or Metaphysical Workshop Sessions
  • Gyana and Raja Yoga Sessions
  • Guided Meditation Sessions
  • All-Inclusive Luxury Accommodation
  • Ayurvedic Wellness consultations
  • Holistic Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Daily Ayurveda Vegetarian Meal Plan

About The Program

Everything in the Universe exists within you.

With this truth leading the way, the Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program promises to be the ultimate, immersive growth experience.

Beyond the everyday noise of the mind, the heart knows how to express your unique path to true prosperity. You have known it all along, yet the pace of modern demands trip us up on our flow through life, that can leave us burnt out, confused and directionless.

Indeed, it just takes some space from the confines of everyday life to instigate the death of conditioning, old patterns, stagnant ancestral energy and limiting beliefs so you can make way for the new life you deserve. Within the retreat from stress and distraction lies the capacity for deep connection to the part of you that remembers your purpose and your highest expression of love.

Meet yourself in the most empowering experience of personal healing and awakening and claim your place as an essential part of this beautiful time of ascension in our collective history.

The Venue for Your Transformation – Luxury Ayurvedic Resort, Kerala, India

Alive with the opulent spices, tradition, colours, fragrances and textures of India and with Mother Nature as Hema’s right hand woman, Kerala is the ultimate environment to inspire, ground and awaken you to exciting beauty.

Allow yourself to immerse within the nature and luxury of South India’s most enchanting state: the foundation for the birth of your true prosperity.

Hema’s carefully selected 5 star venue, the Luxury Ayurvedic Resort, affords the ultimate in rest and relaxation. The resort represents the chrysalis of your metamorphosis.

As your personal sanctuary from the moment your toes touch the ground of India, your every need is taken care of so you can enjoy a rare opportunity to relax fully into you and your deepest desires.

Set to the tranquil soundtrack of the waves of the Indian Ocean, your heart field will connect with that of nature, our greatest healer and teacher, and you will emerge transformed.

Enjoy time each day to connect with other like-minded participants, take a swim in the infinity pool or private beach, or relax under the waving palm trees, and absorb the incredible energy of Southern India.

“Initially I was drawn to kundalini yoga and massage, however Hema’s teachings were the highlight. Hema doesn’t try to change who you are, her aim is to make you understand why you have done certain things in your life, and to help you break the pattern and realise your dreams and potential. You might think you know yourself, but you soon realise that despite only just meeting, Hema knows you better”

Lizzie H, Event Manager

A Creative Sanctuary: Birth your New Reality

  • When did you last have the freedom to explore everything your heart desires?
  • Are the perceived limitations of time and finances blocking your vision?
  • Do you want to trust more in your ability to make the right choices?
  • Do you trust your inner guidance to steer you toward your greatest expression and creative pursuits?


One of the greatest obstacles of our technological, industrial, busy modern landscape is how it severs us from the very thing that makes us human: our creative expression.

Every one of us is brimming with ideas, desires, and inner fire; yet our lifestyles and beliefs distract, deplete, lock us into unforgiving schedules, cut us from our feelings and numb us to our creative power. As a result, we gather up ‘blocks to living’ that disconnect us from the immense energy that pulses within. We are living in a creativity desert.

But inside you, amid the parts that have been culturally conditioned, hurt, forgotten, shamed and hidden lies the original you, the you you came here to be.

Within the safety, comfort, and guidance of the Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program, you can take essential refuge from the confines of daily life to breathe, rest, and dream. In doing so, you will dissolve these blocks and patterns of conditioning to bring about sustained and authentic transformation to birth this original you back out into the world.

Combined with Hema’s unique teachings and insights and the creative sanctuary of Kerala, you will be perfectly poised to experience the magic as you envision, sculpt and attract your new reality and let your creative spirit emerge and unleash.

Nestled within abundant nature, you are gifted a rare insight into the heart of Mother Nature at her most creative. With nature as your muse, you can channel the inspired vibration she showcases on your retreat doorstep to reimagine your new reality. If she can create the intriguing being that is the monkey, you too, can make anything happen!

Unite your inner and outer worlds and treat your every sense to a veritable feast of scent, sound, flavour, texture and feeling to generate a deep inner knowing and clarity.

This is your opportunity to realign with your creative nature: express, intuit, envision, and birth life and love back into the world to leave your mark as the innovative soul that you are.

As a graduate of the Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program you will have the confidence and clarity to become a master of your self expression, art, spirituality, energy, relationships, experience on earth, heart wisdom, and life’s vision.

“My life has transformed in every way. I have created rewarding work and enjoyable, loving relationships and experiencing being ‘in love’, improved my health and feel genuine lightness of being. This continues to be a richly rewarding journey, increasing my awareness of myself as well as others; learning to navigate life’s challenges with grace, and trusting I am creating the most magnificent expression of my life even in the more difficult moments” 

Tina, Digital Business Leader

Who is the Program for?

If you have a desire to be a powerful force for good in the world, and nurture a goal to cultivate personal health and spiritual growth alongside your career and business goals, this is the program for you.

The Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity Program is for anybody ready to adventure into India’s magnificent culture and landscape and dive into their deepest being and innate purpose. 

Hema warmly invites you: ‘No matter where you are in your journey and what your level of experience, you are welcome – all that is required is an open mind and an open heart.’

Kerala is calling you if:

You’re ready to clear your limiting beliefs, unlock your heart, and step confidently into a life of prosperity OR if you’re already on your path to greatness but need a retreat from daily reality to fully activate your miraculous life.

Whether you’re a CEO, creative, entrepreneur, therapist or business professional, you will experience life-affirming shifts and magnificent insights under Hema’s guidance and Kerala’s nurture.

Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. Many attendees return year after year for continued self awareness, optimal wellness, and expansion of consciousness.

“I have been on retreats with Hema where she has talked for days, without notes, on hugely diverse topics. She has a unique ability to go where the session needs to go, based on the questions and feedback from the participants. Hema is a confident speaker, with limitless knowledge which delivers from the heart with openness, kindness and charm”

Mary O'Hagan Owner, Vivace

An invitation from Hema

‘Heart Renaissance, Path to Prosperity’ in Kerala represents decades of guiding growth and transformation for individuals, groups and organisations. 

I share my best teachings and tools to unify body, mind and heart, leading to empowerment, possibility, and freedom that benefit long after the experience.

The environment incorporates authentic Ayurveda, chosen for vibrancy, including nature and sea, animals and birds, and gentle and loving people who genuinely care about your wellbeing and comfort. The sounds, especially at sunrise, provide an orchestra your heart dances to.

The result? That you experience being engulfed in love.

My ultimate intention for you is that you know what it is to love. Our purpose is love. Because only when we have truly loved and forgotten we have loved, and loved again, only then, will the world know love.

Love is more than a sentiment or a feeling, more than an energy, it is the glue of the Universe. Love is the vibration that both we and the earth are desperately missing.

I look forward to you joining me in Kerala and guiding you to reconnect with your heart that knows your path to true prosperity.


Hema x

“When you align your mind, heart and body you take care of the world around you, and the path to your own purpose becomes clear. My work offers you the guidance to experience this positive ripple effect for yourself”

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