Working with Hema has been life changing. I really don’t know how to put words to it so I will use one, alchemy. She turns a mediocre life into a first class one. By acting as a sounding board to work through all of life’s little nuances and upsets gradually Hema helped me piece together a new life. A new me, a stronger more loving me.

I always remember her saying to me that one day I won’t need her anymore as the day will come when I can do all of this for myself, off my own bat. And years later I truly believe that for I see it happening more and more. In fact now I am starting to share with others what I learned from Hema and naturally they are left wanting more and more for her wisdom runs so deep.

If you decide to journey with Hema I would say you must trust her. You must listen to her. And at the end of the day it’s your choice to follow her advice. But if you do, you will be rewarded. You too will eventually become the master of your soul.

Allow Hema to walk the path of life alongside you, then you will have a soul friend who 100% wants nothing but the best for you & she knows how to get you there. I thank my lucky stars everyday that she came into my life & I hope & pray you allow her into yours.”


“The emotional changes I have experienced since doing the reconnective healing have been incredibly empowering. There is an inner strength inside of me now that I intuitively know is being fed from an increase in self-worth and self- love. It’s a bit like being promoted to the CEO of the Lisa Tully Corporation. I can look back at each stage of the corporate ladder I have climbed. In doing so I can see where others may not have seen my potential and treated me with the respect I actually deserved. But I can see I too allowed this to happen. There are parts of these roles I miss or could easily slip comfortably back into and if I am being really honest there are times when I do just that. However ultimately I have a new title on my office door, give me a bit more time to get used to it and it will feel as though I have always been here. The time will come when this role loses its appeal and I will feel the need to challenge myself out of my comfort zone once again to move further up the ladder of my spiritual growth. This is what I have been doing for quite sometime now but the difference with this reconnective healing is instead of jumping up one rung at a time as I normally do, I have jumped up several in one go. In other words my spiritual growth has been accelerated and that makes me very excited indeed.

Going back to the metaphor of my own personal corporation. As I look back down that ladder I see old colleagues I used to work alongside. I can see they are where they are for their own reasons and choices. If I expect them to help me carry out my new role as CEO I will only be fooling myself. Right now they may not be ready for that, however I see that they too possess the ability to join me here in my new office someday with its grand oak table, but I can’t possibly do it for them. That would be a bit like trying to be in two places at once, and we all know that one isn’t possible now don’t we? They must do it for themselves and I must stop meddling and simply believe they can. That brings me great peace as it’s a character trait I have been battling with for quite some time. I simply hope by me carrying out my new role with love, integrity, courage and belief I can inspire others that they too can become leaders of their own personal corporations and then we can all carry on up that ladder together….

Thank you Hema for helping me achieve so much so rapidly