The Gold Collection

Heart Alchemy Meditation, The Art of Fantasy and Conscious Imagination, Cosmic Secrets for Supreme Prosperity, Supreme Love and Supreme Wellbeing, as well as The Love Supreme Blueprint brought together in one life-enriching collection.

Timeless wisdom and transcendental tools to step into your highest potential

For self-aware, courageous and purposeful women and men, who want to make a meaningful difference in the world and have deep questions about love, purpose, prosperity and career. This is for you if you value the power of personal truths, spiritual wellbeing, spiritual relationships, inner and outer abundance, and heart wisdom.

Cosmic Secrets for Supreme Prosperity, Supreme Love and Supreme Wellbeing

#Truth – true prosperity is not something we need to struggle and fight to achieve

#Truth – true prosperity is a sense of passion, purpose and deep inner wellbeing, flowing directly from the heart

A ‘cosmic secret’ is a term used to describe timeless universal wisdom. In this expansive and exciting course that brings together some of Hema’s most groundbreaking teachings on Supreme Prosperity, Supreme Love and Supreme Wellbeing, you will be taken on a deep journey away from unfounded concepts and mistruths. You will learn how to unlock the most expensive secrets to your life.

When we are truly prosperous, we uplift others as well as ourselves. We know that we are always enough. In a world of uncertainty, it has never been more vital for us to move into the inner space of our hearts and recognise that in doing so, we will change the world.

What is your deepest heart’s desire?

Do you want to be truly happy, and know what it really means to love?

Do you want to know what it is to feel a deep sense of security and wellbeing?

Do you want to truly experience prosperity and know that you are enough, always?

Wellbeing asks us to commit to living our truths

We are not here to deny our reality, put on a mask or to cover up the truth of who we are. We are here to be real: to own the fact that we have been hurt or disappointed, or have had our hearts broken. When we own those stories, then step back from them and find balance, we recognise where we have been doing too much. We commit to really truly facing what it is we need to face, so we no longer live through the same experiences again and again.

Uncover the deeper meaning of prosperity

When we experience prosperity in our hearts, in our minds and in our energetic space, we begin to attract not only material wealth and abundance. We also attract opportunities to grow and be of service in the world, and we are able to bask in the incredible love that comes with that. Prosperity is not just about material security or wealth. Prosperity is about all levels of wellbeing.

With intention, discipline and commitment to put the tools and teachings into practice, we can collapse outdated structures and experience Supreme Prosperity, Supreme Love and Supreme Wellbeing.

Cosmic Secrets of the Universe Course Curriculum

Experiential learning to activate your deepest inner abundance

Supreme Prosperity

True prosperity is not just about material security or wealth, but about positively enhancing all areas of our wellbeing. With intention, discipline and commitment to put the tools and teachings into practice, we can collapse outdated structures and experience supreme prosperity.

Shifting Realities

Time is an illusion. Everything we experience in the realm of space and time is just energy. When this energy flows freely, there is a sense of natural giving and receiving at work in our lives. Our work is to clear the blocks to this universal energy.

The True Nature Of Prosperity

The heart is constantly seeking balance and peace: the highest vibration we can experience. What inner work can we do to transcend our previous definitions of joy, wellness and love?

Align Your Consciousness With The Heart And The Earth

When connected with higher consciousness, we experience a security that is independent from our external circumstances. Commit to releasing everything that is not who you are, and have the courage to let go of old structures and ideas that have been imprinted on you by society.

Supreme Love

Love is more than a concept or a romantic notion. It goes hand in hand with prosperity. In this part of the Cosmic Secrets To The Universe journey, you will be given insights that allow love to flow through the fabric of your life and inform all your decisions.

The True Nature Of Love

When love is allowed to flow freely through our lives, we experience deep peace, a sense of belonging and effortless abundance in all areas of our life. How can we clear the patterns and stories that can prevent us from experiencing the true nature of love?

Break Free From Illusions

Every person and every experience is a projection of what we hold within our heart space. The illusion of separation is a wound we all carry, and each have the chance to clear. Love is truly the answer – in ways we may not expect.

A Vibration That Unites Duality

Love Supreme means to love ourselves even in the darkest moments, in the midst of chaos, and in the moments we might judge as not being love. Love is an inside job. What questions and inner enquiry can we use to bring us to the deeper space of love?

Ways To Expand And Evolve Love

The more we give voice to love and connect to what love really means to us, the more it will grow in the world. Love contracts in fear, and expands in courage. When we acknowledge and honour love, it becomes our day-to-day experience.

The Love Supreme Within Each Of Us

How can we let go of expectations, disappointments and blocks to truth? Be an example of the love you want to experience. Have the courage to heal the aspects of yourself that separated through disconnection. Understand the true nature of love.

Supreme Wellbeing

Ayurveda offers a vehicle for transformation. Ancient principles around health are about focusing on the individual, instead of subscribing to any fads, trends or blanket ideas. Ayurveda regards everyone as unique human beings. An understanding of Ayurvedic principles gives people the opportunity to live with optimal energy, balancing all of their emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Abundant health

The Ancient Wisdom Of Ayurveda

Everything is energy and information. Ayurveda offers us a path to break free from energetic density, to free up energetic space that is essential for creativity. We will explore the power of the elements of Ayurveda as a path to evolution.

The Power Of The Five Senses And Knowing Ourselves

Everything we take in contains intelligence that informs our health and wellbeing. How can we create balance within our five senses? By working with the natural rhythms of nature and the universe.

Metabolising All That We Take In For Optimal Health

Stimulating every one of our senses stimulates every part of our physiology and helps us to prevent disease as well as find creative solutions. In this section of the course, you will be provided with practical tips for your morning routine, and advice on how to work with key tools such as sound and meditation. You will also be guided on the importance of correctly metabolising anything you take in – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – to prevent the build-up of harmful energetic residue called ‘ama’.

The True Nature Of Wellbeing

This section brings everything together and asks: how are you informing your body, heart, and mind? Through awareness of what you are ingesting, creating balance, stimulating the senses and following a process of correct metabolisation, you can come back to the truth of who you are.

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Explore the cosmic secrets to your life

The Love Supreme Blueprint

#Truth – we all yearn for love in one way or another

#Truth – love is not about a person or a thing. Love is a vibration you can access to inspire lasting peace and ignite your passion and purpose

Love is our essence. Love is what we are here to experience. Love cannot be forced – it is a force, in and of itself. The more we search for, deny or question love, the more it seems to elude us. This can lead to deep frustration and silent pain. However, when we do the inner work to clear and release our blocks to love, we effortlessly attract what is right for us and life flows in all ways. We become magnets for joy and fulfilment. We experience a Love Supreme.

Are you stuck in old patterns of heartache and heartbreak?

Does real love seem out of reach to you?

Is the outward success you have achieved hiding an inner loneliness?

Have you been in love, but are now finding that life feels mundane or that the spark has gone out?

Experience the true nature of love. Release blocks to real connection. Activate your passion and purpose. This course combines ancient wisdom with a practical plan of action to awaken the unconditional love within you.

The Love Supreme Blueprint Course Curriculum


Part One:


Understand the true nature of love, relationships and the heart to resolve illusions of separation and allow love to flow

The underlying cause of problems or blocks to love and how they contribute to monotony and stuckness

Love is what we are here to learn, it is the path to conscious evolution, prosperity, purpose, and to a love supreme.


Part Two:


The Blueprint: Clear and create space in your heart with the ancient technology of Gyana yoga (the yoga of knowledge)

Heal your heartbreak: why do we experience certain heartbreaks? A path to understand and change the trajectory

How to release seen or unseen emotional and energetic debris of past and present relationships to create space for greater love, purpose and passion

Group challenge: 11 minute exercise for self-love and clearing for 11 days, commit to the process, and expect beautiful shifts.


Part Three:


We become ready for sacred relationships (with people and our purpose) at a time in our lives – when we awaken to the sacredness in ourselves

How to surrender to love in every aspect of your life

Twin flames, soulmates and unconditional love demystified: how to tell if you have separated to create individually, or are here to experience oneness through the intimate connection of two.


Part Four:

New Vision

Rising to your power: embody qualities of heart-based leadership and be an example of the kind of leadership the world needs

Be guided to tap into the creative power of fantasy and imagination to bring new and expansive visions to life.


Part Five:


Amplifying your purpose that is good for your business, other people and our planet

Align all that you have learnt, and enjoy a session to ground the new energy, for your life, your business and what you are bringing to the world.

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Heart Alchemy Meditation

Heart Alchemy Meditation Workshop

Lessons on ‘Alchemy of the Heart’ method to connect with the expansive presence and infinite creativity of the heart with a set of do’s and don’ts for optimal awareness.

Meditation offers a way to create an internal space, that leads to feelings of expansiveness, unshakeable trust and endless possibilities. A daily practice moves you beyond the repetitive and often negative thoughts of the mind to the seat of your most creative and prosperous self, within your heart. Once you connect with your heart space, you’re able to tap into your innate wisdom and confidence.

Meditation opens up the infinite and offers you a bird’s eye view of your life and the ability to move through natural ups and downs with grace. Hema believes that meditation offers the chance to understand many more dimensions about yourself, the universe and our connection to the world around us. Through her work, she opens up the reality of a 5D perspective – that is, more than can be perceived with the physical senses and limitations of time and space.

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Learn Hema’s life-changing signature Heart Alchemy method

The Art of Fantasy and Conscious Imagination

The Art of Fantasy and Conscious Imagination 2-Hour Course

Lessons on how we are infinite beings, the world is already within us, and the role of fantasy with practical guidance.

Many of us are called to imagine new and more conscious ways of being in the world. Spiritually, we are evolving faster than science has yet had the chance to prove. If we have been meditating for some time, we may instinctively feel our connection to the planet and the whole of the cosmos. The Art of Fantasy method links conscious imagination and meditation. The inspiration for this technique came to Hema during the lockdown.  You will learn the power of imagining with the mind and manifesting with the heart: that is a portal to infinity and the space where we experience a sense of oneness. It is the space where we can create a new way forward that is good for an interconnected whole.

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Here are the powerful tools you will be offered as part of the entire collection

The Gold Collection brings together, for the first time, some of Hema’s most impactful teachings. These teachings will be available on-demand, for you to access any time you feel called to. Each of the themes is accompanied by several teaching videos or audios, Gyana yoga videos and meditations.

This journey involves attuning ourselves to the deepest truths of our heart. The heart’s innate wisdom shows us where we most need to heal, and where we can begin to release blocks to prosperity, love, wellbeing and creativity: to find flow.


Mini-Masterclasses will open your heart, mind and body wisdom to cosmic and practical concepts, rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom and philosophy.


Deep meditation can be a tool for creativity and tapping into higher intelligence. Meditation balances the left and right brain hemispheres, which represent masculine and feminine energy.


Gyana yoga, the yoga of knowledge (popularly known as Kundalini) is a particularly powerful method of connecting with the heart, because it doesn’t require rational analysis. Each posture or mudra has a specific purpose, designed to release energetic debris.


Journey in your own time as part of a like-minded, open-hearted community, in which you can share perspectives and learn with people who are walking a similar path.


Recordings of all the sessions to keep for life and revisit whenever it suits you, as your evolution unfolds.


Talks on the power of journalling, intentions and other resources to ground and accelerate your growth.

Meet your guide

Hema Vyas has spent years gathering the tools to connect with the deeper intelligence of the heart. She is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine and Ayurveda.

Hema teaches from a place of direct experience and pure compassion. In her workshops, she holds space for each person to have a direct experience within their own hearts. Her presence carries a vibration of pure, unconditional love and ultimate truth.

For much of my life, I have been dedicated to exploring what it truly means to be in a state of Supreme Prosperity, Supreme Love and Supreme Wellbeing and the tools and practices that lead to these higher levels of consciousness as well as material success.

It’s my belief that a heart that has cleared energetic debris from the past leads you to a state of clarity and authenticity that is like pure gold. From there, you effortlessly align with your own unique expression of purpose, creativity and unconditional love. Today, I am thrilled to be able to share all that I have learned with you.

We are here to be authentic, real and vulnerable: to own our experiences and our truths. We are important, exactly as we are …and yet we are also destined to be so much more. And so, my deepest passion – and one of the deepest secrets of the universe – is this: our hearts contain the truth of our destiny.

We live in a universe that is ever-evolving and ever-prosperous. Prosperity, Love and Wellness are our birthrights, and they are etched in the very essence of our hearts. We have to find the courage to listen to our hearts – because in order to listen to our hearts, we have to listen to our heartbreak, our disappointment and our fear. We have to hold space for those wounds, but know that they are not who we are.

When we allow our hearts to open up before us, we will be able to transcend our previous experiences of joy and achieve a higher level of fulfilment and prosperity than we have done before. That is what the world is getting ready for. That is what’s coming. And I for one can’t wait. I would truly love for you to join me on this journey.

Hema xx

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema

“Our hearts contain everything we need to know, feel and experience in order to be the grandest part of ourselves. When the heart is broken, through disappointment, rejection, fear or not-enoughness, this is the heart’s attempt to say, ‘this is where you need to heal.’ This is where you need to be bigger and grander and brighter. Shine the light of who you really are, against all odds.”

“When the world tells you you are not enough, you tell the world that you are. Your heart will break open, allowing a new consciousness to flow through you and change the world as we know it. Create a world where anything is possible – where love and prosperity become the norm. Become the reality that we are here to experience. This is the greatest Cosmic Secret.”

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3 hours of teaching audios across 17 mini-sessions

3 guided meditations to download and keep

Bonus talks on the power of journaling, intentions, and Pranyama breathing

Powerful Gyana yoga postures to clear and create space in your heart

One-sheet on Ayurvedic foods that bring balance to each mind / body type

One-sheet on Ayurvedic sounds and colours to work with in meditation


5 hours of in-depth, live recorded teaching sessions that will raise your vibration and provide learning for life

Powerful Gyana yoga postures to clear and create space in your heart

Details for an 11-day Gyana yoga challenge proven to bring about transformation

Guided meditation journeys known for their powerful and positive impact


Almost 2 hours of teaching audios across 8 mini-sessions

Workbook and meditation diary

Bonus: Exclusive guided meditation library (priceless). Meditations, Hema’s deepest recorded journeys so far, include Create Sacred Relationships, Awaken Your Kundalini Energy, Raise Your Prosperity Consciousness, Turn Pain Into Power and Activate Your Heart Alchemy


Almost 2 hours of teaching recorded live

Journalling prompts

Guided meditation journey


Customer support phone and email for any questions to ensure a smooth experience

Live weekly group journalling and group meditation / chanting sessions held over Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world

Access to Hema’s private Heart Renaissance community where you can ask any questions and connect with like-minded peers on a similar path

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