Corporate and Leadership Development

Many people feel they’ve lost their way as the limitations of corporate life impact upon what is right for them and as a result, performance suffers. Hema helps people find their true selves, and guides them to know and experience the truth and wisdom of their own heart. She enables people to become more open and honest, so they can achieve individual expressions of fulfilment and success. Hema engenders an overall state of Gold, holistically activating the health and happiness of your company, leadership teams and employees. Hema is available for motivational keynotes, leadership retreats and employee development programs.

Employee Development Program

The Employee Development Program gives delegates a chance to see and experience how heart energy impacts them personally and professionally, and how they can channel their heart to transform their lives and become outstanding performers. Designed to unite, excite and motivate authentically.

Leadership Retreats

Hema also offers a Retreat that enables leaders the time and space to destress from the demands and influences of everyday life to find the necessary authenticity to achieve their true potential. Hema will create a bespoke retreat, well-being program or away day designing a tailored experience that’s a combination of holistic therapies, success and leadership coaching.


Hema regularly speaks at events in Europe, India, UAE and the USA to a variety of audiences and organisations. Her speaking style is engaging, amusing and direct. Dedicated to showing the wisdom of the heart, Hema ensures that all her keynotes, talks and workshops are designed to make sure that all her audiences experience an immediate benefit.

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“My work is about helping you to ignite health, cohesion and purpose – to harness the impact of the intangibles. This is what sets quality brands apart ”