Welcome to the world of Hema Vyas, an inspirational psychologist. As a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, author of "The Silent Heartache of High-Achievers" (2025), creator of The Love Supreme Blueprint and founder at Haven Leadership and Wellness retreats, I understand the unique challenges faced by those who aspire to make a positive difference.

My philosophy is rooted in the belief that when we acknowledge and address our silent heartache alongside our aspirations, we tap into the true power of our hearts. By placing heart-based values at the forefront, we can create cultures of growth, wellness and mentorship at every level. This begins with how we love and lead.

A visionary who awakens new possibilities

Hema has built an award-winning business teaching heart intelligence as the way to lead in today’s business world. As an inspirational psychologist, mentor and speaker, she empowers people and organisations to redefine success on their terms, contributing to a legacy of love and purpose. Hema brings a seer’s perspective to modern business, as well as contemporary leadership principles.

We are grateful to have received the following awards and truly appreciate all your support:
UK Health Radio Award: Self-Development Service Of The Year 2022
UK Enterprise Awards: Most Client-Focused Leadership Development Coach 2022
Greater London Enterprise Awards: Best Corporate Wellness Mentor 2022 and 2023
Top four UK business mentors recognised by Enterprise Nation for Innovation 2024

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Find your Haven: transformative healing and learning experiences

Amidst collective challenges, let’s rediscover our inner havens. Discover how a dive deep inwards opens doors to multifaceted growth and endless possibilities.

From the moment you arrive, our team will take care of everything, ensuring a smooth and seamless Haven. You will leave feeling nourished and renewed, with tools to last a lifetime.

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What we hear and see is that when people hear Hema speak, they experience shifts in perspective, moments of inspiration which allow for change. Hema is a versatile speaker, she delivers with warmth and impact so the sessions really come to life and curiosity is engaged. Every session is unique, meeting people where they are to inspire positive change.

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As a leadership, self-development and wellness consultancy, our suite of services are designed to provide opportunities for growth. We imagine businesses as spaces that encourage individuality and support people in discovering their whole selves, to reach a level of clarity, creativity and authenticity that, like pure gold, brings sustainable value. Bespoke programs shift paradigms and boost performance.

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Voices Of the 21st Century: Women Transforming The World

With love and gratitude for your incredible support for ‘Voices of the Twenty-First Century, Women Transforming the World’. This has become the No. 1 bestseller in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, as well as No. 1 in the categories of Business Mentoring & Coaching and Women in Business. A beautiful example of conscious leadership, collaboration and co-creation in action. Writing my story has been a huge gift for me.⁣ I realized that the early childhood memory I shared is not one of heartbreak, but of my heart breaking open. A purpose to contribute to equity for all was activated.

I invite you to ready my story along with those of 45 sister authors. May they nourish and inspire you.

The New Leadership Superskills

Do you desire to develop your empathy as a leader? Recent MIT research indicates that empathy is the most crucial leadership competency

Enhance your leadership skills. With our training, you can become a more remarkable leader who not only achieves goals but also shows a genuine concern for others.

The Silent Heartache Of High Achievers will be released in 2025

What I observe with many courageous, self-aware and accomplished women and men is that somewhere beneath the surface can be a silent heartache.⁣ By high-achieving I mean in terms of capacity for love, talent, capability, creativity, empathy, healing ability, leadership aptitude, entrepreneurial drive, recognition, commercial success or any combination of the above. My work is about providing a pathway to a deeper knowing and trust.

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Our hearts’ energetic field speaks more powerfully than words

When the heart is in an expansive space and we experience qualities such as love and gratitude, it affects not only our immediate environment – our coworkers and loved ones – but also our environments and the entire world? What needs to happen to create or inspire a shift?

The businesses we partner with are outstanding in their own unique ways. Explore a bespoke session on heart intelligence at work.

Love, Lead, Levitate. Ready to begin your journey right now?

“Suffering is optional. I believe no one should live a limited life due to unaddressed heartache, heartbreak and disappointment. My mission is to help people discover the power that lies beyond their pain. When leaders face their own challenges, empathy, creativity and resilience are heightened: which can drive sustainable prosperity with a positive impact. This reimagines the future of leadership as synonymous with heart-centered values.”

Hema’s personal story of heartache, being separated from her parents for years as a child, to being hit by a car when she was a teenager, and how she began her lifelong purpose of healing the cycle of heartache to now teaching people around the world how to do so.

Wherever you are on your journey, our programs will meet you at every step of the way.

The Love Supreme Blueprint 

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there. We are pure embodiments of love: this is our deepest truth. For much of my life, I have been dedicated to exploring how we can release this state of disconnection.

Become a Heart-Centered Leader

As a leader, it’s no longer enough to just do. It’s increasingly important to elevate your ‘to be’ lists to the same level as your ‘to do’ lists. Show up for your team and yourself in the most authentic, conscious and inspirational ways. This approach will help you find balance between success and values, resulting in a more fulfilled life.

Heart Alchemy Meditation

Deepen your connection with your heart’s intelligence with the Heart Alchemy Meditation technique. Audio teachings, workbook, guided meditations and other resources are now available online. By taking a deep dive inwards, you’ll be able to explore a new world within yourself. 

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