Meeting Hema and discovering her unique work has been the key event of my journey to discover the truth of who I am. We are living in a time where great shifts in consciousness are taking place as Mother Earth herself is raising her vibration we are called to heal ourselves. Like never before the opportunity for transformation is available to all and if like me, many other seekers have been thrown into the path of self-realisation seemingly from out of the blue, a guide and teacher like Hema is needed.

Through regular one-to-one mentorship Hema has helped me steer the course and reflect the truth of the experiences I’ve had, be they life experiences of spiritual revelations. It has been one year of intense healing and internalisation. It’s been one year since I attended Hema’s Alchemy of the Heart Meditation Course in London. I did not have a meditation practice prior to this and in fact, after years of disciplined yoga practice I had found it difficult to arrive at a point of stillness whenever I had tried. Hema’s teaching cuts straight to the heart of the matter. She speaks spontaneously from her own heart, from that source of knowing and wisdom.

She teaches from a place of direct experience and in her workshops, she holds the space for each person to have this direct experience within their own hearts. Her presence transmits the heart-opening vibrations of pure unconditional love and ultimate truth. In a session with Hema, even first-time meditators and beginners like myself can have direct experience of a deeper state of consciousness. Hema teaches why meditation is so important and the simple tools and methods by which I was able to make this a daily practice. The pace and depth of the transformation I have experienced in the past year through Hema’s teaching and guidance is remarkable. No part of my being has been untouched by this healing that has unfolded. All levels of life, personal and professional, physical and mental wellbeing, has been positively changed. I would say this process is not for the faint-hearted and it has required my full commitment. Hema is a modern Rishi, a true seer. It can be challenging to face your truth and the mind can easily get overwhelmed and lost in this process. Hema’s support has helped me overcome the fear and judgement which often keeps us from realising our potential and purpose in life. 

Entering the heart and creating deep expansion through meditation allows stagnant energies and un-metabolised experiences and emotions that have been held onto unconsciously for years of even lifetimes, to move into your awareness through the heart. This can be painful and challenging but Hema’s work creates a safe space and trust in your inner process whereby the alchemy of the heart integrates and releases that which no longer serves you. Rather than creating and discovering patterns and stories that tell us who we are and condition our experience of life, Hema’s work liberates the true self and reveals the essence and truth behind your experiences and emotions.

Hema can, with her intuitive knowing, feel what is coming up within, and with questions, guide my awareness to it, she will guide me to realise why this is coming up for me and what that particular experience is here to teach me. In this process, Hema has been able to strike the careful balance between being the way-shower, whilst never assuming the role of directing the process. She has held the space for the unfoldment of my own path of self-realisation, unique to each of us. I have felt empowered to recognise my own inner knowing voice and how to follow my heart. The deep healing and clarity that has taken place is visible and felt by everyone around me. I often get asked by strangers and friends alike what my secret is. I tell them it’s meditation, and those who have had the courage to seek out Hema and find out for themselves have been deeply grateful. Living from my heart I have found a new relationship to every single thing and living being in this universe and find myself in a state of peace and joy most of the time. Through Hema’s teaching, I have found that living with an open heart makes life your greatest teacher but you need a guide or else the path which takes only hours can be years or lifetimes.

For me, meeting Hema has greatly accelerated my spiritual awakening, that is knowing myself and raising my level of consciousness. I attended Hema’s Sacred Relationships workshop in Wicklow, Ireland and during the first day Hema led us through a short meditation followed by Kundalini yoga which she teaches through gentle ‘kriyas’. I had my first proper kundalini awakening which I experienced as a powerful rising in energy from the base of my spine to the crown of my head accompanied by an intense feeling of expansion in my heart. The workshop was rich with Hema’s wisdom which flows through her like water and hearing her speak I feel my whole body resonate with her words and their divine source. Hema also led us through an exercise to release deep-held pain through the powerful means of burning and writing and introducing us to the Ho’ponopono prayer “I’m sorry please forgive me thank you I love you”. This simple prayer and practice is very effective and helped me to release and let go through accepting and forgiving the actions of myself and others that resulted in trauma. Hema teaches us about the soul level contracts that we willingly enter into which brings people and experiences in life in order to grow and see the truth. This understanding gave me a new perspective that has helped me to be more aware of my relationships. Ultimately the most sacred relationship of all is that which we have with ourselves. The greatest gift of the workshop was the practices that have become part of my daily meditation. It has been a process of unburdening myself of unconsciously held traumas, emotions, experiences and impressions. Each release is followed by a blissful expansion and is an ongoing process of release and expansion which has been nothing short of liberation from limiting beliefs and fears relating to repetitive cycles of experiences that have not been processed through the heart. It has changed every relationship in my life, most importantly the one I have with myself. I have found a deeper level of self-acceptance and self-love. It has freed me and others from unhealthy dynamics and many karmic relationships have found their resolution, and I feel as if infinite possibilities have opened up. The inner knowing that has accompanied this path of the heart has allowed me to see the truth of many situations and ultimately of my own purpose.

Through Hema’s mentoring I have been able to become conscious to the level where I am able to intimately know the power of Shakti and recognise that all that is needed is the full commitment and surrender as this power unfolds bringing me closer to the truth of my own being. This divine universe is perfect and all I do is go with the flow following Hema’s practice of meditation it all comes easily. It is not without challenge because it requires embracing all that you are and being with each emotion and experience. Hema is the constant beacon of truth, light and support. More and more I can see things as they really are. I recognise the sacredness of all relationships as we are truly one with all that is. I have recovered memories of my past lives and see the soul level contract of people in my life. I have a new peace within, and a feeling that life is happening for me and not to me, so I’m deeply grateful for it all. Working with Hema has enabled me to open my heart and become aware of the deep knowing within me. The greatest joy has come from recognising my twin flame, divine timing ever-present, just before the second part of Hema’s Sacred Relationships workshop on this theme, where Hema calls on us to be the highest expression of love we can be – what greater purpose could there be? If you feel called to be the best version of yourself, to enliven the full expression of your soul, your heart, you are ready to let go of everything that no longer serves you, join Hema, she will accelerate the journey back to self. 

With deepest respect and gratitude for all your offerings Hema, for your love and wisdom, thank you.