My sessions with Hema have been an eye opener, but most of all a heart opener. After my first session, I knew I was about to embark on a true journey of emotional, spiritual and personal growth. The thought of it was challenging at first, but I knew I was ready to engage with life on another level. Change requires courage. Along the journey, I started to understand that courage wasn’t that frightening after all… it was just a ride made of love and compassion, for others but also for myself.

Hema embraced my fears, anger and upsets with kindness, until I, myself, began not to push back any longer. Through the sessions, I learned to swim in oceans of emotional storms, and I learned to float in the midst of peaceful lakes.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned to trust myself and to trust my gut feelings again. Empowered and re-energized, each session with Hema made me step out of reactive cycles and melodramatic cyclones. I’m now running, jogging and walking peacefully on a path of purpose. My sessions with Hema have put me in touch with my higher purpose.

Our encounters never cease to bring more and more clarity to how I see life, our conversations shine light on all aspects of my life. Her wisdom has empowered me in so many ways… I feel blessed to have met such a wonderful being, and to be still, continuously, supported by her heart and her wisdom.