Working with Hema is a journey – a journey to enlightenment or as close as you can get to it while living in modern times. She’s a dynamic force and cumulates knowledge across a range of disciplines from ancient to contemporary backed by psychology and action. Hema’s changed my life – she’s helped me understand and unblock many things all while being a wonderful teacher and source of support along my unique journey. She gave me the knowledge to uproot and amend toxic long-held family dynamics, and the confidence to fix and discover myself. With her help, I’ve found purpose in marriage, business and life. Through Hema’s workshops, I’ve learned more about holistic abundance, Ayurveda, meditation and yogic teachings – and most importantly, how to integrate the wise lessons and tools for everyday life. I’m forever grateful and would recommend Hema to everyone who has the opportunity to work with her or attend one of her immersive sessions.