How would you describe your retreat experience with Hema?

Life affirming, understanding more clearly why I do the things I do and how I can handle things better.

​What were your expectations of the retreat?

I knew it would be insightful and that I would learn a lot, but I learnt so much more than I expected to and in areas I didn’t feel I needed help.

What was unique about your experience with Hema / What would you say is the unique selling point?

Hema is so giving, she is selfless and fully available to all on the retreat. Hema is so knowledgeable that she has a toolkit full of advice, techniques and wisdom on so many topics, no matter what direction the conversation goes in, she has wonderful helpful and kind advice and suggestions.

Who do you think this would be good for?

Anyone who is interested in being the best person they can possibly be

Ultimately what do you think you got out of it?

I have known from the first day I met Hema that if I followed Hema’s advice my life would go so much more smoothly.

Going on retreat with Hema means that by the end of the week I have ironed out so many wrinkles, I am as fresh and renewed as a perfectly ironed shirt.