This was my first workshop with Hema and I would describe it as a life changing process. Hema welcomed me in with her warmth, openness and light empathic energy, helping me to feel instantly at ease and valued at part of the workshop group.

Although the work was intense and confronting at times, Hema created and consistently maintained a healing energy of light and love in the room, empowering every individual to work within themselves with love and compassion for who we are; where we have come from and where we want to go.

The process included meditation and kundalini yoga, exercises (my first time) and I cannot explain the subtle powerfulness that each practise provided connecting me to my core truth. For anyone who has been stuck in pain or stagnation in their lives, my advice would be gift yourself with the beauty and support of Hema’s workshops.

I have no doubt you will experience, as I together with many others have, a greater sense of peace, understanding and purpose.