Since working with Hema my life has transformed in every way. I have created work that is rewarding and enjoyable, loving relationships and experiencing being ‘in love’, improved my health and feel genuine lightness of being. Even beyond this, Hema has guided me towards opening my heart, and inspired an ‘alertness’ to the possibilities and potential life holds in every moment. This continues to be a richly rewarding journey, increasing my awareness of myself as well as others; learning to navigate life’s challenges with grace, and trusting I am creating the most magnificent expression of my life even in the more difficult moments.

Looking back at the journey with Hema, there have been countless brilliant moments of insight, laughter, tears and pure enlightenment and I am grateful to have the privilege of having a teacher know the intricate details of my life whilst having the ability to help me see how each experience has been a step towards wholeness. Where I previously understood concepts such as authenticity, the power of creativity, humility, grace and love on an intellectual level Hema has shone a light on what they really mean and how when really embraced, these qualities can improve the quality of life beyond words.

Hema embodies love and grace in all that she does and that example in itself, inspires. She is a gifted healer in every sense of the word, including in therapy and reconnective healing, and her knowledge and awareness transcend the mind’s intellect and heart’s wisdom. Having worked with her on a personal and professional level cannot express in words how much she gives and how wholly committed she is to seeing everyone and everything, be the greatest expression of love possible.