The Love Supreme Blueprint

Experience the true nature of love. Release blocks to real connection. Activate your passion and purpose. This course combines ancient wisdom with a practical plan of action to awaken the unconditional love within you.

Immerse yourself in the knowledge and experience of what it means to truly love

For purposeful and self-aware women, entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers in startup, corporate or wellbeing spaces who want to make a meaningful difference in the world and have deep, conscious or unconscious questions about love and relationships wondering, is love for you?

#Truth – we all yearn for love in one way or another

#Truth – love is not about a person or a thing. Love is a vibration you can access to inspire lasting peace and ignite your passion and purpose

Love is our essence. Love is what we are here to experience. Love cannot be forced – it is a force, in and of itself. The more we search for, deny or question love, the more it seems to elude us. This can lead to deep frustration and silent pain. However, when we do the inner work to clear and release our blocks to love, we effortlessly attract what is right for us and life flows in all ways. We become magnets for joy and fulfilment. We experience a Love Supreme.

Are you stuck in old patterns of heartache and heartbreak?

Does real love seem out of reach to you?

Is the outward success you have achieved hiding an inner loneliness?

Have you been in love, but are now finding that life feels mundane or that the spark has gone out?

Do you find that life lacks joy? Are you surviving, but not thriving?

Has your current relationship left you questioning, ‘is this all there is’?

Have you sought answers to deep questions, read, watched and explored, yet feel that something is missing?

Come home to yourself: the true nature of love

Introducing a deep and immersive 5-week journey to a Love Supreme, live recorded, available on-demand for the first time. Ancient wisdom and practical tools that enable you to create a space for love in your heart, mind and body are yours to work with in your own time and space. You will be guided to understand, experience and embody the true nature of love.

Love is not separate from work, business, home or any other aspect of life – in fact, love is the very fabric of life. More than a romantic notion, love goes hand in hand with sustainable relationships of all kinds.

Release blocks to love by raising your consciousness

Many of us silently judge the search for love. We judge the love we experience. We judge ourselves for yearning to love and be loved. Without even being aware of it, we place certain expectations on love and life – wanting both of them to be a certain way.

Energetic and emotional debris of thoughts, memories and beliefs as a result of early wounds of separation – along with societal and ancestral conditioning – have all impacted our ability to recognise and know love, romantic and otherwise.

Powerful tools for a 5-week program of action
Available On-Demand for the first time

The Love Supreme Blueprint program includes a combination of teachings, meditations, Gyana yoga – popularly known as Kundalini yoga – and chanting exercises, all of which are designed to clear away old stories we have been holding onto, whether these stories have stemmed from our own life experiences, our ancestors, our culture, or our wider society.

This course involves peeling away the layers of untruth we have built up around ourselves, in order to fully connect with our hearts: the inner space in which love can flourish.


Mini-Masterclasses will open your heart, mind and body wisdom to cosmic and practical concepts, rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom and philosophy


Deep meditation can be a tool for creativity and tapping into higher intelligence. Meditation balances the left and right brain hemispheres, which represent masculine and feminine energy


Gyana yoga is a particularly powerful method of connecting with the heart, because it doesn’t require rational analysis. Each mudra or posture has a specific purpose, designed to release energetic debris


Journey as part of a like-minded, open-hearted community, in which you can share perspectives and learn with people who are walking a similar path


Recordings of all the sessions to keep for life and revisit whenever it suits you, as your evolution unfolds


Powerful Vedic chants selected for their ability to shift consciousness and increase clarity

Meet your guide

Hema Vyas has spent years gathering the tools to connect with the deeper intelligence of the heart. She is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine and Ayurveda.

Hema teaches from a place of direct experience and pure compassion. In her workshops, she holds space for each person to have a direct experience within their own hearts. Her presence carries a vibration of pure, unconditional love and ultimate truth.

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there. We are pure embodiments of love: this is our deepest truth. Yet over the course of our evolution as human beings, we have gradually moved out of alignment with that truth. For much of my life, I have been dedicated to exploring how we can release this state of disconnection.

The truth of our deepest nature as love embodied is already there, just waiting for us to reclaim it. However, I have observed that the process of learning how to release our old stories requires commitment. Once we have surrendered to the mystery of our healing journey, let go of outmoded stories, and stepped into our truth as powerful, creative beings of love, we are more able to enact lasting positive change in the world around us. The Love Supreme Blueprint represents a complete culmination of my life’s work on this subject to date.

This course is a path we will walk together. I would truly love for you to join me.

Hema xx

The Love Supreme Blueprint course curriculum

Experiential learning for mind, body and heart.
Live-recorded talks and teachings plus Q+A, Gyana yoga and meditations in the flow of the lessons


Week One: Awareness

Understand the true nature of love, relationships and the heart to resolve illusions of separation and allow love to flow

The underlying cause of problems or blocks to love and how they contribute to monotony and stuckness

Love is what we are here to learn, it is the path to conscious evolution, prosperity, purpose, and to a love supreme


Week Two: Space

The Blueprint: Clear and create space in your heart with the ancient technology of Gyana yoga (the yoga of knowledge)

Heal your heartbreak: why do we experience certain heartbreaks? A path to understand and change the trajectory

How to release seen or unseen emotional and energetic debris of past and present relationships to create space for greater love, purpose and passion

Group challenge: 11 minute exercise for self-love and clearing for 11 days, commit to the process, be accountable and expect beautiful shifts


Week Three: Expansion

We become ready for sacred relationships (with people and our purpose) at a time in our lives – when we awaken to the sacredness in ourselves

How to surrender to love in every aspect of your life

Twin flames, soulmates and unconditional love demystified: how to tell if you have separated to create individually, or are here to experience oneness through the intimate connection of two


Week Four: New Vision

Rising to your power: embody qualities of heart-based leadership and be an example of the kind of leadership the world needs

Be guided to tap into the creative power of fantasy and imagination to bring new and expansive visions to life


Week Five: Integration

Amplifying your purpose that is good for your business, other people and our planet

Align all that you have learnt, and enjoy a session to ground the new energy, for your life, your business and what you are bringing to the world

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema

“Love is the force that unites us. We cannot force love, because love is a force in and of itself. The more we allow it to continue flowing in our lives, the more likely we are to experience peace, connectedness, and a real sense of belonging. One of the main things humanity has struggled to achieve is that deep, deep sense of belonging: a sense of being at home with who we are, where we are and what we have.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, single, or struggling with relationships. Love is the very fabric of our being … and therefore, we can never, ever be lacking in love. Love is a thing we are here to experience. Love is the very thing that will help us to evolve into a new state of being. In this state of being, we will experience the fullness of what it means to have a rich, prosperous life, and truly Love Supreme.”

– Hema Vyas

Experience the true nature of love with a practical plan of action to awaken the unconditional love within you.

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The Love Supreme Blueprint

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Powerful Gyana yoga postures to clear and create space in your heart

Guided meditation journeys known for their powerful and positive impact

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