Thanks so much for your interest in working with Hema.

Hema’s inspiration for creating Life Alchemy mentorship is based on common themes she sees in all kinds of people, including high-achievers. She notices that sometimes we don’t even realise our inner limits have become our comfort zone. We remain unaware of our full potential and that it’s possible to aspire for more.

In Hema’s view, life unfolds as a result of our own beliefs and when we doubt something is possible, it does indeed become impossible. We stop trying and despite the outward success, we can feel a sense of aching loss or emptiness.

When we change our perspectives in such a way that the truth is understood and embodied, among other positive changes, our inner dialogue naturally improves and the communication channels between our body and mind become more open and expansive. This allows for a shift in our reality.

Please take a look at the attached at your convenience and of course, if you have any other questions, I’d be delighted to assist you or book in your first session. Get in touch with me directly at

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