“Hema can, with her intuitive knowing, feel what is coming up within, and with questions, guide my awareness to it, she will guide me to realise why this is coming up for me and what that particular experience is here to teach me. In this process, Hema has been able to strike the careful balance between being the way-shower, whilst never assuming the role of directing the process. She has held the space for the unfoldment of my own path of self-realisation, unique to each of us. I have felt empowered to recognise my own inner knowing voice and how to follow my heart. The deep healing and clarity that has taken place is visible and felt by everyone around me. I often get asked by strangers and friends alike what my secret is. I tell them it’s meditation, and those who have had the courage to seek out Hema and find out for themselves have been deeply grateful. Living from my heart I have found a new relationship to every single thing and living being in this universe and find myself in a state of peace and joy most of the time. Through Hema’s teaching, I have found that living with an open heart makes life your greatest teacher but you need a guide or else the path which takes only hours can be years or lifetimes…” Caroline Kippler, Project Leader

“After years of different therapists and therapies I found Hema. She is a God send and has helped me through several personal dilemmas and has always managed to put me back on track, using her vast knowledge of various healing techniques. I’m sure Hema’s gentle and informed style will be of great help to anyone in their time of need. Thank you Hema for all the help you have given me over the years” Gregg, Art & Gallery Owner

Our hearts contain the truth of our destiny. Each heart contains the unique wisdom to find individual happiness, success and love.


More about my work

I believe that the heart is expansive and contains an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom from our current, as well as past lives, and ancestral lines. I am not a psychic or reader, people tend to come to me when they are facing a challenge or looking to understand which direction to take in any significant area of life.

I consider the information that is presented to me on a conscious level – what your mind tells you about the situation and then I am able to read heart energy. I feel what is going on on a deeper psychological and spiritual level and work with that to guide how to work on clearing or healing –  whatever needs to happen to resolve the issue or illuminate the best path forward.

Here are some ways of working together

Mentoring sessions are available remotely online.

One-to-one Mentoring

Mentoring is designed to move you forward without analysis, I give you actionable insights for you to do the work in between mentoring sessions.

Each mentoring session is 60 minutes.

Mentoring sessions are £298 when purchased individually. There are discount packages when bought together (6 and 10 sessions).

Want to find out if this is for you?  https://hemavyas.com/contact/”>Get in touch to book a complimentary 20-minute call

Heart Realignment £298 (one-time only)

A private, one-time virtual session to realign and activate your heart’s energy field.

Heart Alchemy Meditation Online Course 

I offer a virtual meditation course that helps create or deepen a meditation practice. It’s a method I have created called Heart Alchemy Meditation and at launch only – takes place across 2 live group sessions. Investment is $97 and includes access to a number of resources to help support your ongoing practice You can find more information or book your space.

Heart Renaissance Community

Access the wisdom and toolkit to create your life from a space of love, beauty and consciousness. Membership includes access to guided meditations, Q+A sessions and more. Investment is $29 per month. Coming soon.


My signature retreat takes place in Kerala annually. This empowering experience provides deep healing, reconnection and nourishment through ancient spiritual teachings, transformative gyana yoga, and meditation practices integrated with authentic Ayurveda. A truly immersive experience rejuvenating and connecting mind, body, heart and spirit. Find out more.