Welcome to the world of Hema Vyas The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™. As a highly sought-after speaker, mentor, and author of "The Silent Heartache of High-Achievers" (2023), I understand the unique challenges faced by those striving to make a difference.

My philosophy is rooted in the belief that when we acknowledge and address our silent heartaches alongside our aspirations, we tap into the true power of our hearts. By placing heart-based values at the forefront, we can create cultures of growth that prioritize leadership, wellness, and mentorship at every level. This begins with how we love and lead. You are invited to join us on this journey.

Meet Hema Vyas, a multi award-winning corporate wellness mentor, speaker, and trailblazer in heart intelligence

Hema brings a seer’s perspective to modern business, weaving contemporary leadership principles with the power of the heart.

As an Omnipreneurial Psychologist™, Hema champions the fusion of health, humanity, and sustainability alongside business objectives. She teaches startups, corporates, and global audiences how to harness the power and potential of the heart, enabling them to become more effective, conscious, and successful.

It takes heart intelligence to reach our full potential

Hema’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that intelligence alone is not enough to succeed. It takes heart intelligence to reach our full potential. To access the power of our hearts, we must first embrace and work through our silent heartaches and disappointments.

With her extensive experience as a mentor and consultant, Hema has played an instrumental role in the growth of diverse companies. She has served as a discreet advisor and has also addressed large audiences, sharing her unique insights and guiding them towards heart-centered success.

Hema has worked with high-profile clients and businesses such as Google, EY, Bamford and Soho House. Her philosophy is that it takes more than intelligence to succeed. It takes heart intelligence. And that to access the full potential and power of our hearts, we need to be able to go there with our heartache and disappointments.

She shares how connecting to the power of the heart – as individuals and as businesses – is essential to expanding creativity, wellbeing, innovation, inclusivity and sustainability to achieve long-term success.

Her talks, workshops, and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands, helping them to embrace heart qualities in leadership, wellness and culture.

Hema has played an instrumental role in the growth of diverse companies as a mentor and consultant, sometimes as a discreet advisor and often addressing large audiences, public speaking or in workshops and conferences.

Positive Life magazine describes her as “the acclaimed speaker, psychologist, and heart consciousness activator,” and her talks are known for causing pivotal and sustained shifts in thinking, feeling, and action that can change the course of a day or, more often, a lifetime.

Recently, Hema has spoken at more than 50 live and virtual events on topics such as How Truth Cuts Through Fear; Aligning Heart, Mind And Body Intelligence In Our Leadership Approach, and What’s Heart Got To Do With It? The Role Of Heart Intelligence In Leadership And Life.

Hema’s Story

Hema’s journey to uncover the significance of the heart and the true nature of destiny began as a child visiting India. Witnessing the disparity between her privileged lifestyle and the poverty of the people she met sparked a lifelong quest to understand the nature of life and the universe.

At the age of 14, Hema had an out-of-body experience that affirmed her belief that consciousness exists outside of our bodies. She has since discovered that the heart consistently sends messages from the subconscious to the conscious self, revealing the parts of ourselves that we need to heal and process.

Her own journey led her through an existential crisis and a rejection of her Hindu upbringing. But a dream visit from Shiva set her on a path of inward exploration, leading her to develop her unique brand of “heart mentoring.” Through her gift of reading and interpreting heart energy, Hema is able to uncover issues beyond what is presented to her.

Hema’s perspective on heart intelligence is truly one of a kind. Her talks and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands, helping them to embrace the power of the heart in leadership, wellness and culture. Join us and become part of a community that addresses silent heartache, heals from heartbreak and expands heart-centered leadership to become a greater force for good.

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Are you unsure whether you are living your fullest potential, surviving but not thriving?

Have you achieved significant outward success, but still feel a sense of emptiness?

Would you like a loving and inspiring relationship, or to improve one that you are in?

Do you want to live a life without compromise and conditioning?

Wishing you could find your unique role in life and contribution to the world?

Are you going through big life changes or alternately are you feeling stuck?

Want to improve your relationship with colleagues/employees?

Do you have a desire to bring your business vision to life?

Are you wanting to be an exceptional leader?

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Our intention is to provide a bridge between where you are and your most expansive potential, as individuals, startups and large corporates.

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