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Psychologist, Human Capital Strategist, Corporate Wellness & Life Leadership Mentor, Speaker, Omnipreneur, Author and ‘Heart Whisperer’

Hema Vyas is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine and the science of Ayurveda and for almost thirty years she has been practising as a psychologist and life leadership mentor.

Journey with Hema and experience the love that is your birthright

Hema leads international retreats which are fully immersive, workshops and events that align and restore heart, mind and body. Her signature Heart Renaissance Path To Prosperity program in Kerala, the home of Ayurveda, celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 2020 and in 2022, will take place in a new location set in nature and luxury.

“My purpose is to raise awareness of the power of the heart and guide people through the experience of clearing any stuck or stagnant energy so the heart’s innate intelligence flows. In the space of the heart that is clear of past conditioning, wrongly held beliefs or untruths, we are naturally and effortlessly guided to the joy and love that is our birthright.”

In 2019 she was the keynote speaker at the Conscious Living and Working conference in Dublin. She also led a Heart Wisdom workshop series at London’s Soho House and gave talks at The Conduit, and Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, London. She was asked to speak at the Dubai Future Foundation in the UAE, guided a Prosperity Consciousness workshop at the UK’s Mind, Body, Spirit, Wellbeing Festival. More recently, she guided virtual and live workshops for Bamford and was a speaker at the Credibility Nation Summit as well as featuring on the Global Women’s Voice series.

Clients credit Hema with providing needle-turning solutions to the previously unsolvable and sometimes invisible problems whilst creating the space to surface hidden opportunities. She enables leaders to overcome internal and external barriers so that they can connect with their vision, intuition and creativity. Hema is not afraid to suggest transformation where it is needed, whilst amplifying that which is working.

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema

Hema’s Personal Story

“Born in Kenya to Indian parents, I come from a long lineage of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors). From a young age, growing up in London, England, I felt a calling to help others and strong empathetic feelings to people, especially those who were experiencing suffering. When I was fourteen years old, I had an out of body experience after being hit by a car and realised that we are so much more than our bodies and minds. Fast forward to university where I followed my heart and chose to study psychology. I discovered that academia was only part of the infinite knowledge about consciousness and that self-hypnosis and meditation are the most powerful forces to bring about transformation. My lecturers admired my courage to cultivate such an interest in the power of the heart even though the dominant paradigm of the day was very much “mind rules.” As a professional psychologist I have worked with countless individuals and groups shedding light on the magnificence of knowing our hearts. Time and time again I see that by finding and following the unique wisdom of their hearts, each individual connects to their true prosperity which encompasses the five pillars of health, love, wealth, passion and purpose.”

Where meaning and success are seen as integral to one another

Hema’s vision is to inspire omnipreneurship, that she defines as a set of values that prioritise health and humanity alongside business objectives with the potential to be expressed in an organisation or as an independent.
Omnipreneurs are fuelled by passion and have the intention to positively impact people, purpose and planet. When we move into the space of omnipreneurship, taking personal responsibility for ourselves and impacting all that is around us, then what has seemed impossible or unobtainable becomes within our reach.

Are you unsure whether you are living your fullest potential, surviving but not thriving?

Have you achieved significant outward success, but still feel a sense of emptiness?

Would you like a loving and inspiring relationship, or to improve one that you are in?

Do you want to live a life without compromise and conditioning?

Wishing you could find your unique role in life and contribution to the world?

Are you going through big life changes or alternately are you feeling stuck?

Want to improve your relationship with colleagues/employees?

Do you have a desire to bring your business vision to life?

Are you wanting to be an exceptional leader?

It’s time for a Heart Renaissance: a return to heart-based values for optimal culture, leadership,
performance in business, as well as a society and planet that flourish

In the evolving workplace, heart-based communication, honesty and taking care of the full spectrum of wellbeing from financial to emotional are key to success in business as well as in our own lives.

Forward-thinking organizations value life-long learning, create prosperity with humanity and inspire high-performance cultures of trust, truth and transparency.

Hema’s Philosophy – Heart Alchemy

Hema moves people into an energetic space of love, passion and purpose because she is aware of the wisdom of the heart. Many of her clients not only find prosperity in all aspects of their lives, but furthermore, the ability to be more compassionate. Hema is particularly focused on taking people from conditioning to authenticity. She calls this state of wholeness, beyond conformity, ‘pure gold.’

“The heart is consistently sending messages from the subconscious to the conscious self as it seeks to restore balance and peace. On a psychological and spiritual level when we tune in to the heart energy, we see mirrors in the world, for everything we are experiencing is a mirror of what we are holding in our heart’s energetic space. I believe that the heart holds information that extends beyond this lifetime like DNA carried from our ancestors. When people are living from a place of untruths, such as believing they are not loveable, the heart can guide them to heal. Peace is the ultimate energetic frequency that the heart is supporting us to achieve. We are not whole when there is something – be it a memory, belief or story, that needs to be realised and integrated.”

From Hema’s article “Meet The Most Powerful Navigator Of Your Life” (Thrive Global August 2020)

Working with Hema

Hema has spent years gathering the tools to connect with a deeper intelligence which requires us to recognise the heart as important as the mind. It’s remarkable to see how she has worked with people’s fears and limitations and brought them to a place of growth and possibilities. Whether you experience her personal mentoring, attend one of her talks or workshops, or go on a retreat with Hema, she will change your mindset by showing you how to connect with the wisdom of the heart.

“Life can take us by surprise and uncertainty can be stressful. Through love, listening to the heart, and giving value to intangibles, we can navigate more effectively through our lives. Change is never easy and especially when we are going against dominant ideology. By discovering our truths we open ourselves to all aspects of life and we experience them working in unity. Once we are living in a space of constant possibility then we create a positive ripple effect that goes out into the world. Welcome to the Heart Renaissance. As we heal ourselves, we can heal humanity.”

From Hema’s article ‘It’s time for a Heart Renaissance’ (Thrive Global January 2020)


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