I have always had intuitive knowledge that the heart’s energy and intelligence are more powerful than most of us could imagine.

I have always had intuitive knowledge that the heart’s energy and intelligence are more powerful than most of us could imagine. Science tells us the heart sends more signals to the brain than the other way around, proving that it is a significant driving force. The heart contains a memory of all our current, past life and ancestral experiences, and what we carry in our ‘heart space’ informs our beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Through timeless practices such as meditation, ayurveda and gyana yoga, we are able to let go of any energetic debris held on a conscious or unconscious level, and come back to our true essence. We are also able to metabolise positive experiences, helping to amplify what is good and working in our lives. My purpose is to raise awareness of the power of the heart and guide people through the experience of clearing any stuck or stagnant energy so the heart’s innate intelligence flows. In the space of the heart that is clear of past conditioning, wrongly held beliefs or untruths, we are naturally and effortlessly guided to the joy and love that is our birthright.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, I come from a long lineage of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors). From a young age, growing up in London, England, I felt a calling to help others and strong empathetic feelings to people, especially those who were experiencing suffering. When I was fourteen years old, I had an out of body experience after being hit by a car and realised that we are so much more than our bodies and minds. Fast forward to university where I followed my heart and chose to study psychology. I discovered that academia was only part of the infinite knowledge about consciousness and that self-hypnosis and meditation are the most powerful forces to bring about transformation. My lecturers admired my courage to cultivate such an interest in the power of the heart even though the dominant paradigm of the day was very much “mind rules.” As a professional psychologist I have worked with countless individuals and groups shedding light on the magnificence of knowing our hearts. Time and time again I see that by finding and following the unique wisdom of their hearts, each individual connects to their true prosperity which encompasses the five pillars of health, love, wealth, passion and purpose.

It is my belief that the ‘outer reflects the inner,’ therefore the more we hide through denial, distractions, and by remaining unaware of negative internal patterns, the more turmoil and chaos within ourselves, the environment and world around us. In order to become whole, we need to heal and recognise our own true nature, beyond the camouflage of social conditioning or veils of past experiences, and then we can align our heart, mind and body.