Prosperity Consciousness Workshop in Abu Dhabi

Join Hema in the beautiful space of the Body Tree studio, Abu Dhabi, for a workshop on cultivating true prosperity that is health, love, wealth, purpose and passion working in unity.

Prosperity is so much more than ‘wealth’ or ‘money.’ Real prosperity is about the five pillars of life: health, love, wealth, purpose and passion, in balance and working together, allowing us to experience a sense of wholeness. When this happens, abundance follows. Inviting the energy of prosperity is about cultivating and welcoming positive energy in all its forms.

“Prosperity is not simply a luxury; it is, in my view, a necessity. Deep inside us all is an infinite, radiant potential that is designed to create a miraculous life, a creative energy that can solve our most complex problems and answer the most difficult questions. A love capable of setting our hearts on fire with passion and purpose, a peace so deep that it defies the strongest walls, an abundance of health and vitality. I invite you to join me on my upcoming workshop, bringing my best tools and wisdom for creating genuine prosperity and fulfilment to life.”  @thehemavyas

Join Hema on a path to create your own expression of true prosperity. This workshop includes teaching, meditation and Kundalini yoga exercises designed to clear energy held on an unconscious level, ultimately leading to feelings of freedom, empowerment and bliss.

You will leave with an understanding of: 

  • How the heart contains the unique blueprint as to why we are here 
  • How we each have our unique path to prosperity including our own purpose, and how to connect with it 
  • Time-tested tools for profound transformation brought to life in the context of the modern-day world 
  • How to tap into the part of yourself that knows there is always enough
  • How to focus action internally and connect with the power within 
  • How a heart connection allows you to become a magnet for whatever you need to support sustained growth, vision and connection
  • How this is a powerful time to shift energetic patterns held in the heart carried over centuries 
  • How your choices create a ripple effect for those you love, your business, and the world around you including the environment and nature 
  • How any block to prosperity is never about physical lack, it is about a state of mind and being
  • Learn how the essence of life is energy and when we direct it we can attract everything we need and more
  • Tools to let go of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs 

Date: 2020 program to be announced

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