ARTICLE: Top 5 reasons to consider Gyana yoga – so much more than wellness at work

Work with Hema to experience the transformative power of gyana yoga much more than wellness at work

Beyond the physical benefits, gyana yoga has the impact of changing your internal dialogue. New creative ideas emerge, visions and thoughts, that just feel and prove to be right. If you’re starting from a place of peace and general contentment, this will only amplify the good.

Here are a few reasons to try it for yourself:

  1. Balance your hormones. The combination of exercises, breathwork, sounds and focus combine to improve circulation and balance hormones throughout the body, leading to feelings of expansion and joy

  2. Allow your visions to emerge. The beauty of gyana yoga is that it moves you into a space where there is less of the repetitive, sometimes negative internal dialogue. More than promoting feelings of calm, this is where you have space to connect with your deepest truth, who you want to be and what you really want

  3. Become a magnet for love. Not just romantic love, all kinds of love, the things that make you feel the most alive. The beauty of the process is this creates an effortless creativity. You don’t need to chase, simply clear the space through the exercises and allow the right pathways to emerge

  4. Cultivate knowingness. This is the art of making the best decisions with whatever information you have, seeing “around the corner” and just knowing the right next move. You can’t teach or learn this, but it can be cultivated through your practice

  5. As what’s in it for all of us.  You may already be an entrepreneur, an original and forward thinker and doer. When you open up your energy centres through gyana yoga you are inspired to become an Omnipreneur, someone who naturally wants to make a positive difference in the world and business, and is empowered to do so