Heart Wisdom workshop at Soho House

Join Hema at Soho House for for an experience that will open your heart and your mind.

Join Hema Vyas, psychologist, speaker, and retreat leader and learn how to connect to the more in-depth intelligence of the heart. In an expansive state, your heart creates the most creative ideas and vision. Enjoy a relaxed session, including teachings, meditation and powerful yogic practices (no mat needed) to explore how your heart holds the key to your unique version of real prosperity, encompassing health, love, wealth, passion, and purpose. Learn about the electromagnetic fields of the heart, earth, and universal consciousness and how by aligning all, you are working with cosmic energy, expressing your unique purpose and nourishing your mind.

Date: We look forward to being back as soon as we can

Venue: Soho House 76 Dean St.

Open to Soho House members. Bookings through Soho House.