The Gold Is In Your Growth

Spiritual Growth Acceleration for purposeful and self-aware people, entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers in startup, corporate, therapeutic or wellbeing spaces who want to make a meaningful difference.

Masterclasses in therapy coupled with ancient wisdom and tools to clear and release unconscious blocks, outdated energies and negative patterns contained in the heart. Clear your inner canvas and create the heart space to be genuinely happy. Amplify your purpose, prosperity and positive impact. Fast track your growth with a powerful program of heart healing action.

Spiritual Growth = Personal Growth + Business Growth + Positive Impact

#Truth – When aligned with heart and destiny, life becomes effortless

#Truth – What may seem impossible to most can be achieved by those whose destiny it is to achieve it

As you heal yourself, you can heal humanity

Your invitation to journey to the depths of your heart with expert guidance

Do you feel called to play a greater role to raise the collective consciousness, and not yet know how or even what that will be?

Is the outward success you have achieved hiding an inner loneliness or yearning for more meaning?

Have you sought answers to deep questions, read, watched and explored, yet feel that an intangible something is missing?

Are you fantastic at the inner work, highly aware and motivated, yet experience a glass ceiling in one or more aspects of life?

Are you curious by nature, open to learning about as well as experiencing the vast creative expanse that is the space of your heart?

Clear your heart to realise your true potential

Introducing a deep and immersive 12 week journey of acceleration. Live group teaching and mentoring sessions combine ancient wisdom and powerful tools that clear what no longer serves you. The beauty of many of the practices is that you don’t necessarily need to know specifically what you are releasing in order to experience lightness and expansion.


Mini-Masterclasses will open your heart, mind and body wisdom to cosmic and practical concepts, rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom and philosophy


Deep meditation can be a tool for creativity and tapping into higher intelligence. Meditation balances the left and right brain hemispheres, which represent masculine and feminine energy


Gyana yoga is a particularly powerful method of connecting with the heart, because it doesn’t require rational analysis. Each mudra or posture has a specific purpose, designed to release energetic debris


Journey as part of a like-minded, open-hearted community, in which you can share perspectives and learn with people who are walking a similar path


Recordings of all the sessions to keep for life and revisit whenever it suits you, as your evolution unfolds


Powerful Vedic chants selected for their ability to shift consciousness and increase clarity


Dynamic Q&A sessions and intuitive group mentoring led by Hema allow her teachings to really come alive. All your questions are welcome and you’ll also find answers – sometimes to needle-turning questions you may even not know you had


We create through the mind and manifest through the heart. Learn to direct your beautiful and powerful heart energy towards your highest truths, intentions and visions that will add value to an interconnected whole and offer you a path to sustained prosperity and fulfillment


You can develop a sense of inner knowing and create positive outcomes that can at times defy logic. Some call this grace, synchronicity or even a miracle, but it is energy and information that we can each tap into when given the tools

The Gold Growth Accelerator

We bring together a conscious, co-creative and committed community to engage with timeless wisdom and transcendental tools led by Hema Vyas

Experiential learning for mind, body and heart with live sessions with Hema

Real contact and meaningful connection and a shared experience of implementing the learning materials

Motivation, inspiration and support of a ‘like-hearted’ peer group

Masterclasses for high-achievers

Live Q&A each month

Live weekly group journalling sessions to connect with others on a similar path

The Gold Collection of on-demand courses (Heart Alchemy Meditation, Love Supreme Blueprint, Cosmic Secrets to Prosperity, Love and Wellbeing, The Art of Fantasy and Conscious Imagination, all to learn with in your own space)


Limited to the founding participants is the $2,222, standard price is $3,222. Enter GOLD as your discount code when paying by card to save $1,000. You will be part of the launch group and the first to know about live dates. If you would like to ask any questions and reserve your space directly, book a call with us

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“Hema has been able to strike the careful balance between being the way-shower, whilst never assuming the role of directing the process. She has held the space for the unfoldment of my own path of self-realisation, unique to each of us. I have felt empowered to recognise my own inner knowing voice and how to follow my heart. Those who have had the courage to seek out Hema and find out for themselves have been deeply grateful.Through Hema’s teaching, I have found that living with an open heart makes life your greatest teacher but you need a guide or else the path which takes only hours can be years or lifetimes…”
Caroline Kippler, Project Leader UK Parliamentary Service

““After years of different therapists and therapies I found Hema. She is a God-send and has helped me through several personal as well as business dilemmas, she has always managed to put me back on track and turn things around powerfully using her vast knowledge of various healing techniques. I’m sure Hema’s gentle and informed style will be of great help to anyone.”
Greg, Arts SME Founder

Meet your guide

Hema Vyas has spent years gathering the tools to connect with the deeper intelligence of the heart. She is a renowned speaker on heart wisdom, human consciousness, spirituality, health, energy medicine and Ayurveda.

Hema teaches from a place of direct experience and pure compassion. In the learning experiences she guides, she holds space for each person to have a direct experience within their own hearts. Her presence carries a vibration of pure, unconditional love and ultimate truth.

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema