Bridge the gap between where you are and your most expansive expressions of purpose, wellbeing and relationships

Uncover deeply held truths and bring your authentic visions to life on a journey with Hema. What may seem impossible to most can be done by those whose destiny it is to achieve it
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Bridging the gap between where you are and your most expansive potential

Expand your potential and purpose, prosperity and positive impact with expert guidance.

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I am Hema Vyas, for thirty years, I have guided growth for people, from heads of industry and high profile celebrities, to ambitious millennials and GenZ’ers, entrepreneurs, innovators from all walks of life. Clients credit me with providing needle-turning solutions to the previously unsolvable and sometimes invisible problems whilst creating the space to surface hidden opportunities. I speak to the silent aspirations, and sometimes, heartache of high-achievers.Over the years I have studied the qualities of diverse global audiences, and have observed that, even though people want to add greater value to their endeavors beyond the bottom line, they often don’t know how, and there are some who know how and have fantastic ideas, but need further mentoring.

“Hema has been on a mission to assist people “in clearing internal emotional debris so that they can connect to their heart wisdom and the flow of heart energy.” Her greatest hope is for humanity to wake up to the power of sincere love and kindness. She talks about self-sustainability, and that “in order to constantly experience joy, to make better decisions effortlessly, and to prosper in all aspects of life, we must stop putting too much emphasis on externals and to face our personal inner truths.

It can be tricky to discern between reality and illusion, and even if we are able to, we must then have the courage to be authentic, especially if it means changing our lives or disappointing others. Hema’s brilliance is that, with no other agenda but to help people, she speaks what she feels and is always direct and honest. Many times her clients have walked away after one or two meetings with her after being confronted by Hema’s direct honesty about their situation, only to return to her when they’ve realized that the truth isn’t always easy to hear—but in the end, it’s what saves you.”From the article True Gold Is Found in the Heart published on Women For One.

Clarity, creativity and confidence are what Hema will gift you so that you can develop as a person and in everything that you do – from relationship to business and career.

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Hema’s mentoring, wherever you are in the world, offers an opportunity to be guided on an personal and completely confidential level. Hema is highly intuitive, able to read heart energy, and to get to the root of all types of problems. One-to-one sessions are complemented by immersive events and guided journeys that allow for deeper connection and self-empowerment. The space that Hema creates for you will amplify what is already working well in your life and offers solutions that extend far beyond a single problem. The experience is designed to ensure the learning is felt and experienced and not just understood.

Hema has already transformed countless lives – helping to tackle self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns contained in the heart. She has worked with individuals, couples, small and larger groups all with different backgrounds and objectives. She has a lot of experience with clients as diverse as business founders, company directors, chief executive officers, creatives, entrepreneurs, therapists and professionals, who credit her guidance with life-altering shifts.

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema

Create a state of gold in your life

In Hema’s view, we all have a unique purpose, a path to an authentic ‘state of gold.’ Ancients have called gold ‘the breath of God’ and it has wonderful properties. Gold does not tarnish, it’s easy to work, alloys with many other metals and is a highly efficient conductor.

With Hema as your mentor, you can arrive at a place where you feel invincible, open to possibilities, better able to connect with others, and more aligned to your authentic purpose. Like gold, you will feel continuous self-love by recognising your self-worth, beyond any past pain or suffering.

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