Hema Vyas Wellness Programs in Kerala in 2024

Find the gold in your silent heartache that contains your unique truths, purpose, and unconditional love. These experiences are known to produce “a lifetime of evolution in a week” and significantly accelerate positive transformation and growth. A journey from pain to power that leads to bliss and wholeness, a shift in the course of the coming months, and often, life.

Addressing the Silent Heartache of High-Achievers: necessity meets decadence

For self-aware, courageous and purposeful women and men, who want to make a meaningful difference in the world and have deep questions about love and relationships, purpose and career. If you feel that you are not yet living up to your full potential, have a silent heartache that you cannot fully express or comprehend and would love to get to the heart of it, this is for you.

#Truth – To access the full potential and power of our hearts, we need to be able to go there with our heartache and disappointments

#Truth – As you heal yourself, you can heal humanity

# Truth – When you create your life with the energy of love, you create subtle shifts towards a better future

Are you stuck in old patterns of heartbreak and heartache?

Do you believe that true love is out of reach for you?

Is the outward success you have achieved hiding an inner loneliness?

Have you been in love but now find that life has become mundane or that the spark has died?

Do you find that life is devoid of joy? Are you just getting by, or are you thriving?

Is your current relationship making you wonder, “Is this all there is?”

Have you tried to find answers to deep questions by reading, watching, and exploring, but still feel like something is missing?

Are you fantastic at inner work, highly aware and motivated, but feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling in one or more areas of your life?

Would you like to be in a constant state of pure, unconditional love, along with the expansive creativity that it brings?

The Luxury of Inner Space and the Beauty of Outer Nature: Necessity meets Pure Decadence

Meeting the world can feel exhausting when you are often silently wondering, “what’s wrong with me, why do others seem to have more?” And, to the outside world, you appear to have achieved so much.

There may not always be clues revealed in competence; you may be able to perform well habitually even if a light has gone out somewhere within.

When you have the right support and deep nourishment, you can experience remarkable shifts.

In idyllic nature, I invite you to meet your deepest self, the part of you that knows who you are and what you are here to do, the love you are here to experience.

Come home to yourself: the true nature of love. Release blocks to love and purpose by raising your consciousness

Many of us silently judge the search for love. We judge the love we experience. We judge ourselves for yearning to love and be loved. Without even being aware of it, we place certain expectations on love and life – wanting both of them to be a certain way.

Energetic and emotional debris of thoughts, memories and beliefs as a result of early wounds of separation – along with societal and ancestral conditioning – have all impacted our ability to recognise and know love, romantic and otherwise.


The success (personal or professional) that so many people seek but often find elusive can be hindered by the silent heartache. Deep within, you know you have a lot to bring to the world. Surely it’s about time you gave yourself the empowerment you need to live out your purpose and unleash your inner omnipreneur.


This specially-created program incorporates authentic Ayurveda with deep, 2-hour massage sessions as well as Ayurvedic eating. It is an immersive, multi-sensory, transformational experience that allows you to fully understand your own nature and rebalance from the inside out.


Deep meditation can be a tool for creativity and tapping into higher intelligence. Meditation balances the left and right brain hemispheres, which represent masculine and feminine energy. Meditate with Hema’s powerful guidance at sunrise, with a background of birdsong and sea.


Enjoy morning yoga classes in beautiful surroundings. Yoga has the potential to bring about freedom from past conditioning as well as the union of deep body wisdom and heart wisdom. It allows us to tune into the unbounded self that is pure consciousness, supporting the flow of creativity, passion and purpose and inspiring a greater sense of compassion.


Journey as part of a like-minded, open-hearted peer group, in which you can share perspectives and immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience with people who are walking a similar path. There is often amazing synergy between the people who come together and go on to become life-long friends.


Take time for yourself. Away from the demands and routines of daily life, space is created for a deep sense of wellness, new visions and insights. Journal by the pool or sea, or take a walk in the vast property that is also home to mango and coconut trees. Experiences like this are often sublime as well as powerful.

Meet Hema

Hema comes from a line of Vedic wisdom keepers and healers. The circumstances of her life, dedication to advancing human consciousness and over thirty years of practice as a psychologist, mentor and speaker have enabled her to learn about the human condition and to share ancient wisdom and modern healing practices. She has developed her own method of Heart Realignment energy healing.

Her philosophy is that any willing person can do the work to consciously clear their hearts from the emotional debris of long-held thoughts, memories, and beliefs. It is Hema’s belief that the heart holds information that extends beyond this lifetime, like DNA carried from our ancestors and fragments of the soul from parallel, past or even future lives and that the heart contains a timeless awareness.

What is included?

8 nights in an Ayurvedic resort with your own private cottage

Daily guided meditations with Hema at sunrise

Morning yoga classes

Three Ayurvedic meals a day included –nutritionally balanced for each body and mind type

Ayurvedic massage program for detoxification and relaxation

Masterclasses with Hema sharing the timeless, life-changing wisdom she is known for

A gift to take home, a god or goddess who speaks to your archetype and what you will invite into your life in the future

One 30-minute 1-2-1 mentoring session

Time to unwind in the luxurious and natural setting of an Ayurvedic resort with two swimming pools and sea access

What is not included?

Flights to and from India

Any additional excursions you may wish to take in your free time

You will need to organise your own travel visa which we will provide guidance on

Any additional Ayurvedic treatments outside of the program

Travel insurance which you will need to take out and ensure covers you

The Investment

We would love for you to join us for this incredible journey. Book a call with us to reserve your space or explore further. On your call we can also share details of the early booking discounts and payment plans that are available for a limited time. We truly look forward to connecting with you.

Experience a taste of the wisdom from now. Download your free talk, on Healing your Heartbreak and we will also send you a complimentary guided meditation

Feedback from clients who have walked the path with Hema

FAQs and Essential Information

Trivandrum Airport (TRV) is the nearest airport. Transfers are included in the retreat package (recommended flights only – recommended flight information will be provided) from Trivandrum airport only.

As many flights arrive in the early hours, we ease in gently on the first day. After breakfast, you will have free time to get to know the resort, take a walk on the beach, relax by the pool, reflect or simply settle in to the ambient space of Kerala.

You will be advised on your first Ayurvedic massage treatment, the perfect way to unwind after travelling.

Please liaise with Hema or her team only with regards to appointment time as you are part of a group program with set timings that run differently to the timings of other guests at the resort.

That evening there will be a welcome, group catch up and sunset meditation with an introduction to the program.

The activities and timings do vary, however here is an example day in the life of the experience

Sunrise Meditation

Breakfast and free time

Teaching in a relaxed, workshop style

Ayurvedic treatments* and free time

Dinner and free time

On some evenings, there will be group meditation and chanting, releasing rituals

* Note that the 2 hour Ayurvedic treatments will be for a set number of days of the program, not every day. This is to allow time to process and integrate the experience.

The online e-visa for India form can be inconsistent, and applying for visa 30 days before the event at minimum is advised. Contacting or visiting the UK India Visa office directly is recommended for first time applicants. Please ensure that you have travel authorization and/or a visa as required in time for travel. We are unable to liaise with visa authorities. A visa is essential for travel to India.

Absolutely. It is accepted that unforeseen things can happen from time to time and where refunds are no longer available travel insurance may cover these unforeseen circumstances. It is of course advised that you check your insurance policy before booking.

There are limited ATMs in the area surrounding the resort. Bringing some cash is strongly advised as there are many local currency exchanges offering decent rates. It can be a surprise to be somewhere with limited card acceptance and access to cash withdrawals.

As there will be a lot of time spent in meditation and yoga, items of clothing such as T-shirts and leggings or loose clothing is recommended to support optimal movement and comfort in warm weather.

Around the resort and in most places, it is fine to wear beachwear and summer clothing. In some more traditional areas, covering legs and shoulders may be appropriate, light scarves are perfect for this and for the mornings that can be a bit cooler.

Some groups like to enjoy an evening meal outside of the resort towards the end of the experience, and if you would like to bring an outfit that is less casual and more suited to a special evening, that is optional.

The resort offers a vast array of beautiful, seasonal organic vegetarian food and fresh juices to suit all tastes. There are Ayurvedic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no meat or alcohol available in the program but you can purchase it separately if you choose to.

There are a number of local shops nearby selling various arts and crafts, jewellery and cashmere, as well as light cotton clothing.

You might want to bring an organic mosquito repellent if you are sensitive to the more chemical-based sprays available in India.