Conscious Living and Working Conference, Dublin, September 2019

The first conference of its kind, aiming to rebalance the interconnected themes of wellness, business and the environment.

Hema’s keynote sheds light on why we are seeing the current issues we are facing on a personal, spiritual and environmental level, and what we each have the power to do about it in order to support far-reaching, positive transformation.

Kind words from the conference organisers:

Monica Haughey, Conference Organiser and Conscious Leadership Specialist

“The feedback from delegates and fellow speakers following her talk was exceptional. Hers is a voice that needs to be heard. Hema is a visionary that provides the space for others to connect with their vision. She consistently opens up new levels of understanding about the Heart’s intelligence and why it is crucial in the world of today. She is able to share new concepts with clarity so the message truly lands, and has the language to communicate important psycho-spiritual concepts with business people, entrepreneurs and professionals from all backgrounds as well as those in the self-development space. She opens up new perspectives with credibility and impact and has an ability to bridge worlds with her language. She is excellent as a keynote speaker, mentor and workshop leader and in any forum where there is an openness to accessing a deeper insight and understanding.”

Carole Fitzpatrick, Conference co-organiser and Empowerment therapist

Hema Vyas was the keynote speaker at a conference in Dublin that I helped to organise. Hema is very articulate and uses her wealth of knowledge in Psychology, Ayurveda, Leadership, Meditation and Spirituality when she speaks. Hema is very comfortable with the intangible and the tangible, she speaks with ease on themes of interconnectivity, the universe and the very personal. Hema reflected on the left and right brain, the balance of male and female, the heart energy and the energy of the planet. She exudes grace and wisdom and she blew me away on how she managed to talk about themes that can be so diverse and complicated and yet her speech had a lovely flow and she used no notes, she seems deeply spiritual to me.”