Article: Meet the Most Powerful Navigator of Your Life

How tuning into heart over mind bridges the gap between knowledge and experience to shape your reality...

Meet the Most Powerful Navigator of Your Life

How tuning into heart over mind bridges the gap between knowledge and experience to shape your reality…

The belief that the heart is a more powerful navigator of life than the brain is becoming more acceptable in mainstream society as people like myself are proving this. In my twenty-seven years of experience with diverse clients and audiences, I have seen repeatedly how a connection with heart energy delivers positive transformation, leading to enriched relationships, greater authenticity, improved health and vitality and an awakened sense of purpose.

This Heart Renaissance, also known as a return to living from the heart, provides a richer experience of life, beyond the linear perception of reality that underpins dominant thinking. Feeling the positive emotions associated with the heart and tuning into its’ intelligence has the potential to not only benefit humanity but nature and all living organisms. With compassion and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, we are better able to care for each other, to inspire, and, fulfil our potential.

It is my intention to awaken spiritual curiosity and provide a pathway to access and experience the shifts that come about from being in your heart space. When there is a chaotic resonance in the energetic space of the heart, people may experience frustration, anxiety and other negative or toxic feelings. When we deny or suppress the way we truly feel – what’s in our hearts – we are more likely to live in unhealthy dramas and energetically share our despair with others. There are techniques to transform heart energy, such as meditation, Gyana and Raja yoga, being in nature, or seeking professional mentorship and guidance to name a few. I highlight Gyana and Raja as they are the components of Kundalini yoga. From my perspective based on direct experience, this practice has the potential to bring about freedom from past conditioning as well as the union of deep body wisdom and heart wisdom.

The heart is consistently sending messages from the subconscious to the conscious self as it seeks to restore balance and peace. On a psychological and spiritual level when we tune into the heart energy, we see mirrors in the world, for everything we are experiencing is a mirror of what we are holding in our heart’s energetic space. I believe that the heart holds information that extends beyond this lifetime like DNA carried from our ancestors. When people are living from a place of untruths, such as believing they are not loveable, the heart can guide them to heal. Peace is the ultimate energetic frequency that the heart is supporting us to achieve. We are not whole when there is something – be it a memory, belief or story, that needs to be realised and integrated. An example is if you choose a partner that reflects the qualities of a parent with whom you experienced some sort of heartache or trauma. Even though your partner may appear to have nothing in common with the parent, on an energetic level there will be an association.

When we clear the space to listen to our hearts, we recognise what no longer serves us and our decision making becomes better. We may become more aware of things that we would not normally notice – some people call this instinct or higher consciousness. As the inner world reflects the outer and vice versa, if we live in denial, and remain unaware of negative internal patterns, our outer world will be in turmoil. Healing is a return to our true nature, beyond the masks of conditioning and compromise. Scientists are now proving that we energetically pick up on the experience of others, and on a physiological level we mirror each other’s emotions. In a world of oneness, we have a responsibility to move into a deeper space of awareness and maintain equilibrium despite life’s challenges.

So often, with a focus on external realities, people believe that life will be good if they just have the right external achievements, such as a partner and children, professional and material success. But what about individual destiny and having a genuine feeling of contentment? How many people are living in despair and unhappiness despite seeming to ‘have it all’? I have discovered that experiences that seem to be ‘happening to us’ and beyond our control are messages from the heart, guiding us towards passion and purpose.

The heart is so much more than a physical organ. It is an intelligent energy system orchestrating the whole of our existence. A heart that has cleared energetic debris from the past leads you to a state of clarity and authenticity that I call ‘pure gold.’ When we are aligned and connected with the pure gold of our unique purpose, the duality of ‘having’ versus ‘not having’ in the physical world becomes far less significant.

True happiness is often said to be ‘an inside job’ because no amount of external success can bridge the gap between what we want and who we really are in the long term. We need to go beyond the thinking mind into the intuitive heart to discover infinite possibilities. Meditation and Yoga are timeless ancient practices still powerful and relevant in today’s world. Last century Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga to the West highlighting its holistic approach to healing, and how it creates harmony in body, mind and spirit to achieve sustainable health and happiness. In Yogi Bhajan’s words – “The kundalini experience integrates you more fully with reality and gives you a broader vision and sensitivity so that you can act more efficiently.” In my view, Kundalini yoga allows us to tune into the unbounded self that is pure consciousness, supporting the flow of creativity, passion and purpose and inspiring a greater sense of compassion.

One way to know if you are in alignment with your heart is to look at the synchronicities showing up in your life. Synchronicities, a concept first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung, are considered to be meaningful coincidences. One of the questions that I am often asked is – How do we tune into our hearts and stop our minds from interfering? The more we let go of things, be it people, situations, feelings, thoughts or emotions, that don’t serve us and question our conditioning, through practices like meditation, the more we connect to the truth that will bring us genuine prosperity in all areas of life. We don’t need to search for truth just as we don’t need to search for our hearts – our work is to remove the negativity that veils the essence of each of us.

When you align with heart energy, and improve your intuition too, you attract the people, things and moments into your life that you need and by being in harmony, even with nature, your contribution as a human being is invaluable.