Grateful to the journalist with her own spiritual background and to Women For One for the feature where I shared stories of some of the women and men that I have guided.

Grateful to the journalist with her own spiritual background and to Women For One for the feature where I shared stories of some of the women and men that I have guided.

In sharing, I aim to inspire others to discover how limitations can be based on perceptions that have the potential to be changed in an instant. To transform means that we cease to look in the wrong place for fulfilment or prosperity and begin to give love in the right place.

~ HV

True Gold is Found in the Heart

Genuine spiritual mentors and people who can significantly help you to improve your life usually have certain characteristics. Like Hema Vyas, they may be professional psychologists and trained therapists—and ultimately when you are in their presence, you feel something shift inside you. Even as they speak, you are likely to have eureka moments or spontaneous tears.

Untold times, women and men who have sought Hema’s holistic mentorship have found themselves marveling at how well she knows them, even before she begins to instruct them on how to follow their truth and connect to the heart, “the most powerful electromagnetic field of any intelligent organ in the body.”

For almost 30 years, Hema has been on a mission to assist people “in clearing internal emotional debris so that they can connect to their heart wisdom and the flow of heart energy.” Her greatest hope is for humanity to wake up to the power of sincere love and kindness. She talks about self-sustainability, and that “in order to constantly experience joy, to make better decisions effortlessly, and to prosper in all aspects of life, we must stop putting too much emphasis on externals and to face our personal inner truths.”

It can be tricky to discern between reality and illusion, and even if we are able to, we must then have the courage to be authentic, especially if it means changing our lives or disappointing others. Hema’s brilliance is that, with no other agenda but to help people, she speaks what she feels and is always direct and honest. Many times her clients have walked away after one or two meetings with her after being confronted by Hema’s direct honesty about their situation, only to return to her when they’ve realized that the truth isn’t always easy to hear—but in the end, it’s what saves you. So unsurprisingly, one of the retreats that she leads is called Through the Fire.

Successful lawyer D.K. came to Hema with a lot of discontent and stress. She was struggling with being divorced although she was constantly dating. She also felt she had no money although she had acquired a substantial collection of artwork and sculptures and was still buying more. Hema understood that if she could help D.K. to feel genuine self-love and security, then D.K. would no longer need to distract herself with superficial relationships and constant spending. Soon after meeting Hema, D.K. met a man who was not her usual type—and encouraged by Hema’s talking, hypnosis, intuition, tough and tender love, and some specific kundalini and meditation exercises, D.K.’s new romance held and she started having a healthy relationship with the material world and money.

“When people are not honest and run from their truths through escapist behavior, then they disconnect and experience unhappiness,” Hema explains plainly and without hesitation. Often truth is like something hidden in the bottom of a full suitcase, surrounded by unnecessary items from the past that we don’t let go of. Hema will have you write down a trauma that happened, recognize it as an event that is preventing you from moving forward, and then burn the paper holding the story. Couples who have been trying to have a baby but have been told by doctors to give up come to Hema and unpack their fears and feelings; more often than not, she will help them get pregnant.

This remarkable ability to change people’s mindsets so that they can be fertile seems to prove that Hema is, as she states, descended from a long lineage of Ayurvedic doctors, and it’s in her genes to bring healing. When, many years ago, she was working as an occupational psychologist in London and her father became ill, she was told that he would continue to be unable to walk. Hema took her father to India with the strong intuition that he needed Ayurvedic treatment, and within six weeks, he was able to run. Later, at the Chopra Center in San Diego, where she taught primordial sound meditation, someone told her that her life would only take off when she embraced her mother’s Ayurvedic heritage—and Hema has never forgotten that prediction. Hema’s mother was the first female Ayurvedic doctor in the first Ayurvedic school in India, and in the 1950s became an orthopedic surgeon at 21 years old. Hema’s annual retreat, Heart Renaissance Path to Prosperity, takes place in Kerala, India, partly because it links her to the “knowingness” of her ancestry.

Gold is the color that resonates with Hema, whose name translates to golden. “The purest form of our essence is a state of gold. As nothing can tarnish or destroy the sustainable and highly valuable element of gold, so when we excavate all that is not who we really are, we become invincible in our true selves.” Hema gives the example of how the masks, unexamined rules, and fears that we often adopt at work do not necessarily serve us. She believes from firsthand experience that it is possible for business leaders to balance and harmonize productivity with environmental awareness and concern for the welfare of employees.

Hema is optimistic that positive changes are happening in the world, that people are becoming more “woke,” because she sees many of her outwardly successful clients daring to open up to her and admit that they really want to be genuinely content and aware. She often hears how people who are big achievers feel like their lives are empty or that their work-life does not align with their personal values. Yes, some of Hema’s clients have changed their jobs, but in every case, they have become happier. Hema describes this kind of transformation as “people ceasing to look in the wrong place for fulfilment or prosperity and beginning to give love in the right place.” She goes on to say that when you are connected to your heart and truly functioning from a place of love, you become more magnanimous, and this has a ripple effect.

Knowing all things are connected, that the body, mind, and spirit are interrelated; and that people and nature mirror each other, Hema Vyas explains with passion and precision: “My heart is connected to all hearts.”

Hema invites you to join her Heart Renaissance community, a space to relax your mind and tap into your heart with guided navigation.