Find Your Space with OTO and

Hema’s philosophy, rooted in 27 years experience as a psychologist, spiritual mentor, retreat leader and speaker, is that a connection with the heart energy results in effortless flow and alignment, and provides a deeper resilience than mindset alone. 

Amplifying Your True Self and Purpose Guided Meditation

Such a pleasure to share a guided meditation on Amplifying Your True Self and Purpose as part of this beautiful collaboration with and OTO CBD.
From our friends at We are very proud to announce that we have collaborated with @oto_cbd to curate 7 Days of Wellness, a free program of beautiful, immersive experiences to support you each day of the week, as every day should be revered. ⁣⁣
Find Your Space is a digital wellness platform created by the award-winning OTO CBD and you can find the sessions in the @othernesswellbeing bio. Designed to help you take some you time and find your space, wherever you are, whenever you need it. Each functional resource sits under one of OTO’s pillars: to help you find focus, amplify the moment and restore balance.⁣⁣
‍2020 was all about surviving; 2021 is about thriving.