LIVE: Q+A on Heart Intelligence and Leadership

It’s my belief that it is as vital to look after our emotional wellbeing as well as physical and material. Through the lens of emotional wellbeing we can find empowering ways to look at the future

It’s amazing how things flow when you’re around heart-centered people. From conversations to commercial outcomes.

It was a joy to speak with Alexis and Sally recently. We’ve shared the journey on LinkedIn for a while championing human, heart-centered approaches to leadership.

The level of curiosity, genuine enquiry and heart intelligence both brought to the space along with the Human Leaders community meant we could really go there with deep questions and answers.

My belief is that heart intelligence is key to sustainable high-performance.

We live in a paradoxical era. Leaders are called to be more innovative, creative and critical thinkers. Yet, with so many distractions in our daily lives it can be difficult to be mindful, aware and focused.

More people seek meaning and purpose. And at the same time, burnout levels are increasing among leaders around the world.

It is possible to thrive as highly effective leaders. It takes more than intelligence to succeed.

It takes heart intelligence: the ability to manage emotions, thoughts, relationships and energy.

One of my favourite sessions, rich, sometimes raw and all meaningful questions, that allowed for a genuine deep dive into heart intelligence and leadership.

Click here to watch the full session.

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