Dr Gyorgyi Szabo, Dean of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity university

I was so pleased to host Hema for an excellent discussion about ‘How you see with your heart’ for our Great Books course at Ubiquity university. Hema is a wise, insightful, engaging and inspiring public speaker with polished communication skills.  She clearly and succinctly conveys her message while making the interviewee and the audience feel good during and after her speech. I would highly recommend inviting her as a speaker and presenter to your conference and your organisation for leading workshops. My colleagues and I very much look forward to inviting Hema again to share her wisdom and knowledge with our students and faculty.

Dave Crane

I would heartily recommend Hema, she effectively unlocks the wifi code to your life.


I’ve been to Hema’s retreat in India, three weekend retreats in Ireland and I use her as a mentor. As is the case for many others, I have found her advice and insights to be life-changing. Her retreats are wonderful – always in beautiful settings with a well-curated mix of kundalini yoga, meditation, talks from Hema and very special Ayurvedic treatments. In my personal sessions with her, I value the way she uses a mix of psychic ability, therapy and hypnotherapy to wonderful effect. She homes in on patterns holding me back and offers direct insight in how to move on from them. She is a beautiful, authentic, caring and talented speaker, teacher and mentor and I have no hesitation in recommending her.


I enrolled on Hema’s Heart Renaissance on-line course with the certainty that I needed to learn unguided meditation – to travel where my heart led me. After the first course it came instantly – not as easily nor to the same depth each day, but dependable. The unguided meditations continue to take me by surprise in their content and accompanying colours. Indigo and purple resonating together, predominated but various others came too. I never asked for any of them, they still come unbidden, gifts from the universe, and I am grateful. Hema asked us to set clear intentions, to plant the seeds of these in our hearts. I thought I knew exactly what I needed for my journey. And then one day, suddenly, out of my heart came a full sentence telling me the root of my problem. It was something I didn’t even know! The shock to hear this and to realise my heart is much wiser than my head. I had thought my head knew clearly…
When I had tried unguided meditation over the years I’d had no success. My head jumped around, even when I tried to focus on my breathing. I didn’t know I should focus on my heart space and there I would find the truth, purity and wisdom. Thank you, Hema, from the depths of this newly-respected heart!


I do not feel lost anymore, as I begin to connect to my self (with who I am). Your teachings resonate with me and for that, I am truly grateful. Even though I have heard of meditation before, you have a way unique way of teaching, explaining and answering questions.

Thank you for teaching me that there is more to the heart that I had previously thought, it is nothing short of paradigm shift. While many people teach to think outside the box. You have thought me to get rid of the box. I know I will be buzzing for the next couple of days or even weeks. I can’t wait to put what I have learnt into practice.

Anu Grace

Hema’s meditation guidance, along with her beautiful guided meditations continuously take me deeper into silence, my innate wholeness, self-knowledge, inner wisdom, and intuition. Helping me expand my perception of myself and my reality. She has a way of mentoring and guiding wholeness (through grace, peace, & compassion) without many words, and by role modelling everything she teaches. I feel she’s such a special gift to the world, and I’m so grateful to have met her and in building a connection.


Working with Hema is a journey – a journey to enlightenment or as close as you can get to it while living in modern times. She’s a dynamic force and cumulates knowledge across a range of disciplines from ancient to contemporary backed by psychology and action. Hema’s changed my life…Read more


A great opportunity to really immerse yourself in kundalini yoga, meditations and Hema’s teaching. The bonus is the luscious massage treatments and lovely surroundings. It really is a great January reboot and invaluable in terms of spiritual insights and awakenings.


It is hard to put into words the heart empowerment that Hema enlivened me with that weekend….Read more

J Graves

As I sat and listened to Hema talk about twin flame love I was overwhelmed with gratitude that everything in my life had led me to this moment, to being in that room, hearing her wisdom and, finally, feeling validated to my core.