Meeting Hema and discovering her unique work has been the key event of my journey to discover the truth of who I am…Read more

Through the Fire retreat attendee

I had always scoffed at yoga and meditation retreats…Read more


“A True Retreat” Words won’t be able to do it a justice, but I will try my best…. Read more


It was a truly nourishing experience on so many levels and since returning my meditation practice and overall sense of self has been taken to a whole new level. I really hadn’t thought it was possible to know more or feel more, but the Douro week proved me so wrong. To spend a week with like-minded people, in a beautiful location, to share delicious food, to laugh and cry, to engage in soulful practice and learn from an inspiring teacher is a delight. I think the experience itself showed me what real love feels like. Thank you Hema!

Shridhar Aiyer

Five minutes spent with the clairvoyant and immensely intuitive Hema Vyas that has the power to change your life… Read more


After years of different therapists and therapies I found Hema. She is a God send and has helped me through several personal dilemmas… Read more

Mary O’Hagan

Hema is so knowledgeable that she has a toolkit full of advice, techniques and wisdom on so many topics, no matter what direction the conversation goes in… Read more


Hema is a skilled and sensitive facilitator who is able to use her wise insights and sensitivity to support spiritual growth… Read more

Rita Moussa

This was my first workshop with Hema and I would describe it as a life changing process. Hema welcomed me in with her warmth, openness and light empathic energy, helping me to feel instantly at ease and valued at part of the workshop group… Read more

Amanda Daunt

I attended a recent workshop with Hema Vyas on turning ‘Pain into Power’, it was just what I needed to help me in my journey to overcome the recent loss of my beautiful little dog… Read more