PRESS RELEASE: London Psychologist Hema Vyas Communicating a New Understanding of Heart Energy and Why It Matters

Introducing the work of Hema Vyas, a psychologist, speaker and mentor emerging as ‘the voice’ communicating a new understanding of the energy and wisdom of the heart.

Introducing the work of Hema Vyas, a psychologist, speaker and mentor emerging as ‘the voice’ communicating a new understanding of the energy and wisdom of the heart.

Hema Vyas is a leading psychologist and therapist communicating a new understanding of the energy of the heart. Once understood, this awareness moves people into energetic space of love, passion and purpose and where altruism becomes a natural calling. Her success is evident in the lives of countless clients.

Hema’s belief is that the “outer reflects the inner” and therefore the more we “hide” through denial, distractions, and by remaining unaware of negative internal patterns the more turmoil and chaos there is in the outer world. To heal, we need to heal ourselves and return to our true nature, beyond the masks of social conditioning; to a state of purity and wholeness or what she terms “Gold”.

“I believe that at the heart of each person there is pure ‘gold’ – each heart contains the unique wisdom to find individual happiness, success and love and by uncovering this wisdom, we will find the peace and joy that is within each of us. Our sacred mission is to heal and reveal ourselves. This is the greatest gift we can give to humanity.”

Hema is branching out with her message at a time where reported rates of stress are on the rise. In parallel, the benefits of practises such as meditation, yoga and mindfulness are becoming more understood. Hema ​explains that many of the tools that can help bring about transformation “from the inside out” and encourage a connection with the energy of the heart have been in existence for many years. She is focused on making the benefits accessible with warmth and impact. As examples, she has created a series of kundalini yoga videos on YouTube, as well as expanding her programme of holistic wellness retreats in India and Europe.

“Hema is a supportive guru throughout her retreats. I’ve been on her annual Kerala retreat five times. It is a wonderful experience of meditation, spiritual teachings, kundalini yoga and ayurvedic treatments. The retreat is not a holiday, but an opportunity to escape normal life, address personal obstacles, learn to cultivate inner peace and discover your own path to self-healing. The food and setting is also amazing.”​ – private client

Hema is based in London, and welcomes media interviews and invitations for speaking engagements from UK and international organisations with shared values.

Further information

Hema has over 25 years in private practice guiding growth for individuals, groups and organisations. She has worked with clients ranging from creatives to CEOs helping them connect to their own personal truth and build towards a life of joy, love, mindfulness, and prosperity.

Described as a ‘seer’ in a modern context, Hema is able to get to the essence of challenges and provide a new understanding, or put simply, a way out. She is naturally intuitive and has in-depth spiritual knowledge that is grounded in her own experience. She applies her teachings in the context of the world of today.

She is also an expert and engaging speaker. More recently Hema has spoken at The Hague, as well as The Women’s Economic Forum, The Acupuncture Society, Vibrantly African Wellness, Ham Yard Hotel, The Best You Expo events, Just Be Holistic Centre UAE, and London’s Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Hema tailors talks to meet group and event objectives.

Hema has extensive academic study merging the best of Western and Eastern disciplines and is a certified teacher of meditation, kundalini yoga and ayurveda. She is also a Chopra Centre certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. She works with specially-selected tools alongside psychology, mentoring and hypnotherapy.

Hema has created and led international group personal development programmes for over 10 years. Her programmes are holistic with focus on mind, body and spirit bringing to light the significance and power of the energy of the heart.

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