KUNDALINI VIDEO: A Guided Exercise for Releasing Anger

This exercise will help you release anger. Whether you’re in a heated place, or carrying a sense of residual anger, this is a simple technique to bring you back to a place of deeper love and inner beauty.

This technique is simple, short and can be done from as little as 1 minute. Ideally, do the practice for a minimum of 3-5 minutes and up to 7-11 minutes. When you have a lot of anger, it can be difficult to surrender, but the longer and more regularly you do this practice, the more profound the results will be.

As you practice this exercise you’ll feel a sense of relief. This is letting go and releasing the anger.
Ultimately, at our core we are pure energy and it is this energy that is magnetic; our energy both attracts and repels everything in our worlds. The more our energy (or in this case anger) is constricted, the more we keep ourselves stuck in a pattern, often repeating that which causes us pain; that which does not serve us. The more we expand that core energy though, the more we begin to attract new experiences and creativity that allows for a new found sense of joy, love and beauty.

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