‘How to Truly Listen to your Heart’ interview on Soul Tears podcast 

While I’m generally a private person, it was a pleasure to share my personal story and pivotal life moments with an excellent interviewer Sean Bloch.

I opened up about the early experiences that led me to know we are much more than our bodies – that paved the way to understanding how alignment in the body, heart and mind leads to a sense of unshakeable trust – a knowing of how everything energetically fits.

Words from Sean “Do you really listen to your heart? Are you often in analysis paralysis?   On this episode of Soul Tears, we hear from a true “heart whisperer”. This episode is for you if you want to learn how to better align your heart, gut and mind.  If you have ever felt those chills when something feels so right, you may have already had momentary alignment. Now learn how to feel that more often. Relax, have a cup of tea and listen to the true wisdom of Hema Vyas.”

I invite you to have a listen and to also reflect. What was that moment, or moments in your personal story where a path to your future became inevitable?

~ HV