PRESS RELEASE: Earth Day 2022

As we celebrate #EarthDay2022 today the call to action is clear. That we each have the courage to go within and cultivate the awareness of our interconnectedness in order to bring about real change in business, life and for the world


In line with the Mary Portas backed Better Business Act, prominent UK Psychologist, Corporate Wellness & Life Leadership Mentor and Omnipreneur Hema Vyas has today urged organisations to value the so-called ‘soft’ skills in leadership that can lead to real change for people, the planet and their own profit. Earth Day 2022 tells us ‘Together, we must Invest In Our Planet’ and that it will require ‘unstoppable courage’ to do so. Vyas, who has worked with high-profile clients and businesses (Google, EY, Bamford, Soho House) believes we all have that unstoppable courage inside us and that it is these soft skills which are essential for business and leaders to flourish. High-profile business woman Mary Portas was in parliament this week, campaigning for the government to amend the law governing how companies are run to better reflect their social and environmental responsibilities, proving that now is the time for business leaders to act. She says: “Growth and profit needs to be replaced with People. Planet. Profit. In that order. Kindness isn’t soft… these are the hard skills for the people leading business.”

Hema Vyas has made the link between personal growth, positive impact and prosperity for more than 30 years, bringing the three strands together under the umbrella term of ‘Omnipreneur’ and making the power of the intangible teachable. Omnipreneurs are able to tap into their innate heart intelligence – essential for creativity, innovation and sustainability – and draw on this to add value to their overall health, wellness and leadership qualities to support traditional commercial success and being part of an interconnected whole. When we are all accountable for our own part in this connection we can bring about real change in business, life and for the world. She says: “The chain of energy between people is something I see all the time when people come to me for mentorship and transformation. Everything has a ripple effect. The more conscious leaders are, the more they are going to attract the right people and opportunities leading to a more sustainable, ethical and prosperous path for the organisation. Real change starts from within. Personal growth allows us to get to know ourselves – we are more on purpose, that makes us happier and healthier and this inspires and energises others.”

Vyas’s clients credit her with an incredible sense of intuition and insight, allowing them to connect with their own unstoppable courage and tap into their innate Omnipreneurship for happier, healthier and more connected work and life. Paul Congdon, Publisher of Positive Life says: “Hema teaches in a clear, easily understandable style that is both accessible and profound, always leaving listeners with actionable tips that they can incorporate into their daily lives.”

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NOTES TO EDITORS: About Hema Vyas Hema Vyas is a psychologist, keynote speaker (The Conduit, The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, Soho House, ExCel London), author and corporate wellness mentor with more than 30 years in private practice guiding growth for individuals, groups and organisations. Hema is a Chopra Centre certified instructor and is also a teacher of meditation, kundalini yoga and ayurveda. She runs executive retreats in India and Europe and delivers live, virtual and on-demand programs on the qualities of heart intelligence and how to translate them into teachable and measurable principles we can put into action in the workplace. Hema is a Non-Executive Director for the start-up Positive Transition. As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™ speaker, mentor and human capital strategist, Hema guides people to commercial success, inclusive and evolutionary leadership, wellbeing and positive impact for independents, startups and corporates.

She offers on-demand, private app-based learning on your specific needs as well as live, 25-60 min classes available over Zoom or in-person designed for emerging and established leaders, employees and entrepreneurs.

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