LIVE: Hema as featured speaker at the Laszlo Institute, New Paradigm in Sentience and Consciousness Online Symposium 2022

As a student, Ervin Laszlo’s work was a game changer for me. He saw the study of psychology as linked with those of consciousness and the cosmos, not just the mind in isolation.

In one of life’s full circle moments, I’m delighted to be speaking at the Laszlo Institute Symposium on the topic of Hinduism, a philosophy of life that all of my work is rooted in.

Grateful to Gyorgyi Szabo PhD for the invitation. In another of life’s beautiful moments she and I first crossed paths years ago as practitioners working alongside one another.

From that time, even before she heard me speak publicly, she has believed in and championed my voice.

When life took Gyorgyi abroad I trusted we’d stay friends and now that the world has opened up digitally we can collaborate in ways I never imagined at the time.

You never know who you will meet and in what context, how you might each play a part in the unfolding of each other’s lives and purposes.

Watch the full talk here,

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