PRESS RELEASE: International Women’s Day 2022

Leading London psychologist calls for organisations to utilize the power of feminine energy


A prominent UK psychologist has today called for businesses to recognise heart intelligence as
equal to mind and emotional intelligence, this International Women’s Day.

Hema Vyas, who has worked with high-profile clients and businesses (Google, EY, Bamford,
Soho House) says that connecting to the power of the heart – as individuals and as an industry
– is essential to expanding creativity, innovation, inclusivity and sustainability to achieve
long-term success.

While traditional leadership qualities such as logic, reasoning, strategy and confidence are all
widely appreciated in the corporate world, this International Women’s Day offers the opportunity
to remind ourselves of the feminine* characteristics that make for successful leadership. Once
relegated or seen as secondary to the straightforward cerebral wisdom, ‘feminine’ traits such as
compassion, empathy, intuition and cooperation are increasingly understood as being essential
to bottom line success in the evolving modern workplace. And now Vyas believes we must take
these so-called ‘soft skills’ even further – whatever your gender – by harnessing the power and
intelligence of the heart.

So, what exactly is heart wisdom?

‘The power of the heart provides intangible human qualities,’ Vyas explains. ‘When connected
with the heart we bring value to an interconnected whole and raise unity consciousness. Traits
such as love, truth, trust, transparency all support our best future-facing decisions and inform
our instinctive, emotional and cerebral responses for the better. Tapping into our heart’s
intelligence allows us to access an information space not bound by physicalities; a kind of
peripheral vision that encompasses our full range of creativity, potential for innovation and
ultimately unlocking our own personal – and organisational – vision for success.’
Vyas’s clients credit her with an incredible sense of intuition and insight, allowing them to
connect with their own personal heart wisdom to overcome obstacles and realise a work and
home life lived with love, passion, purpose, positive impact and achievement:

‘With Hema as mentor I was able to fully align with my values and in turn secure a pivotal role in
a high-profile organisation. When a tech disaster took hold that put reputation and revenue at
stake, Hema supported me and through her insights, I realised the link between personal and
leadership development. This quickly paved the way for massive improvements in culture,
decision-making and results. Revenue grew three-fold, customer experience improved and
there was an energy of trust and cohesion in the team.’ Tina Elhage, formerly of The Guardian.

Vyas is passionate about championing heart intelligence in business and beyond, firmly
believing that its wisdom is as valuable as the mind’s and should be validated as such. She
says, ‘International Women’s Day serves as a good reminder to us of the vital feminine qualities
in leadership. If we go beyond these into heart intelligence we will succeed even further,
attracting the right opportunities, people and moments that support success in all aspects.’
‘When I show people how to directly experience this heart energy, immediate and sustained
shifts in thinking, feeling and action occur. And the wonderful thing is, when consciousness
raises, so does altruism. More than a competitive edge, the results will speak for themselves. I
think we can all agree that a world where leaders operate from the heart is a better one

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*while these traits may be traditionally considered as feminine, they are of course genderless
and anyone can and should benefit from tapping into the power of their heart regardless of how
they identify

Hema Vyas is a psychologist, keynote speaker (The Conduit, The Design Centre at Chelsea
Harbour, Soho House, ExCel London), author and corporate wellness mentor with 30 years in
private practice guiding growth for individuals, groups and organisations. Hema is a Chopra

Centre certified instructor and is also a teacher of meditation, kundalini yoga and ayurveda. She
runs executive retreats in India and Europe and delivers live, virtual and on-demand programs
on the qualities of heart intelligence at work. Her intention is to make the power of the intangible
teachable. Hema’s client base is currently approximately 60% women and 40% men,
demonstrating the rise of feminine energy as an overarching trend. Hema is a Non-Executive
Director for the start-up Positive Transition.

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