Announcement: Hema joins the startup Positive Transition as Non-Executive Director

“Life change requires effective support for people to find pathways to a positive future.” Born out of lived experience and holistic transition support for the Armed Forces community, Positive Transition exemplifies digital innovation that serves an interconnected whole.

Getting to know Timothy M Jones, CEO of Positive Transition and the entire team, here are just a few of the qualities that shine:

– Determination and commitment. Every person with their unique set of skills gives time outside of office hours to deliver on the potential to support diverse communities from Armed Forces and refugees to prison and care-leavers

– Heart-based leadership. Tim is an excellent and conscious leader. Truthful, impactful and transparent, he builds trust and brings everyone along with his vision to add value to countless lives with intelligence and compassion

– Innovation for good. The +t platform covers employment, wellbeing, finances and housing and is developed with the maximum possible input from the people who it is designed to support

I’m honoured to join Positive Transition Ltd as a Non-Executive Director.

Besides the shared values and vision for a society where everyone has the best chance to thrive, I have been truly moved by the warm and welcoming group of people behind the scenes who have my whole-hearted support.

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