Article: Imagination Arises, a conversation with Hema Vyas and Aisling Cronan

How we can use our imaginations to dream in a more harmonious world, interview with Aisling Cronin from Positive Life magazine

We always love working with the acclaimed speaker, psychologist and heart consciousness activator Hema Vyas. In our Spring 2021 issue, we spoke to Hema about the power of imagination. She had a great deal of wisdom to share about how we can use our imaginations to dream in a more harmonious world. We previously published a sneak peek of this article to our website, and today, we are sharing the whole thing. Enjoy!

by Aisling Cronin

Hema Vyas is a renowned psychologist, spiritual mentor and speaker. Her work is centred on connecting with ancient wisdom to solve the problems of modern times, especially by understanding the significance of the heart. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Hema about the power of imagination, and how it can uplift us at this time.

We spoke about how imagination can be a portal to the heart; balancing the left and right brain; and how tuning into our capacity to dream is key to building a more harmonious world.

‘From my perspective, it seems that old structures are breaking down,’ Hema said, ‘but we’re afraid to let go, because we don’t know what to replace those structures with. Thats where imagination becomes so important. The more we can create through our imagination, the more we are comforted by the knowledge that there is a solution. There is another way. What can we create that is new? What is possible?’

On the subject of imagining our lives anew, she shared, ‘as difficult as it has been, we have been given an opportunity to tap into our deeply creative and intuitive selves. Many of us have been conditioned to operate from a predominantly left-brain perspective. The school system, for example, tests you on your ability to memorise and repeat information, rather than your ability to innovate. However, when we are not being constantly stimulated with activity, we have an opportunity to engage with our right brain.’

Hema’s work is primarily focused on heart awakening and attunement – the name of her free online community, Heart Renaissance, reflects this – so I was interested to hear her thoughts on how connecting to our hearts can assist us in opening up to the gifts of our imagination.

‘For me, the heart is a portal,’ Hema explained. ‘It is a portal to all aspects of our being: the cosmos, our spirit, and our grounded physical reality. The heart offers us a way of connecting both sides of the brain. When we connect to our heart’s truth, we understand that we are physical beings, inhabiting a particular reality … but we also understand that we are here as spiritual essence as well. On a practical level, I would say that yoga and meditation are beautiful methods of connecting with our hearts, connecting with our bodies, and achieving balance between our left and right brains.’

Hema’s online course, The Art of Fantasy and Conscious Imagination, guides people on how to use their imaginations to access deeper states of meditation. It also assists them to create and manifest the lives they truly want: manifestations that are grounded in a space of deep, heart-centred inner peace. These principles are also explored in her free community, the Heart Renaissance.

‘We’ve been very much conditioned to look at things purely from a left-brained, evidence-focused place: when we see it, then we’ll believe it. But on the spiritual path, often, what you are asked to do is to believe it, then you’ll see it. When we manage to balance our left and right brain aspects, our imagination becomes that much deeper: that much more accessible to us.’

— Published in the Positive Life, Dublin magazine, read more here Positive Life