Article: A Blueprint to Bring You Back to Love

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there.

What is love? This is the greatest question of our times, and it has never been more vital for us to go within and discover that the answer lies there.

We are pure embodiments of love: this is our deepest truth. Yet over the course of our evolution as human beings, we have gradually moved out of alignment with that truth. Different cultures and historical eras have borne witness to great teachers who deeply understood the nature of love, and attempted to convey that understanding to their students. On the whole, however, human society has disconnected from its core essence.

For much of my life, I have been dedicated to exploring how we can release this state of disconnection. When I studied for my degree in psychology, my final thesis was on love within human relationships.

Relationships are one of the earliest sites in which we learn about love, and throughout our lives, relationships continue to help us grow in our understanding of what love is.

We have so often misunderstood love in relationships: mistakenly believing, for example, that it takes the form of lust, need, control or codependency.

My one-to-one work as a coach, psychologist and spiritual mentor frequently involves helping clients to deeply understand how they can love themselves. This process of self-love includes fully accepting all of our past experiences, and fully forgiving ourselves and others for decisions or beliefs that led us away from love.

Every life experience we have is attempting to lead us back to love. In modern society, one of our most pressing problems is that we don’t always understand how it’s leading us back to love. We feel the need to delve into mental analysis and self-created theories about our problems, thereby getting stuck in stories that may be far removed from the truth.

The main ingredient that dilutes our experience of love is untruth – which is not necessarily the same thing as a lie. An untruth can be a story that we sincerely believe about ourselves (for example, that we are unworthy of love). If we continue to believe in these untruths over time, our negative beliefs become stronger and stronger, progressively diluting our experience of love. Our experiences then mirror and reinforce our beliefs. I often compare this process to a game of Chinese Whispers.

As children, we are innately attuned to our original love story.

We possess a deep understanding that we are here to simply be love, and to express that love to those around us. However, after we experience a challenge in early childhood that knocks our confidence, or makes us feel insecure, we begin to take on a more negative belief about ourselves. This dilutes our ability to connect with the truth of who we are.

By the time we’ve reached our hundredth difficult life experience, the amount of untruths we believe about ourselves, others, and life in general has increased significantly. We are now telling ourselves a completely different story than the original one we once knew!

Throughout my life and career, I have observed this pattern play out time and time again. I could see that there was a profound gap between our rational understanding of what love is, and our ability to step into our true nature as embodiments of love. I often wondered how this gap could be closed.

My course, The Love Supreme Blueprint, represents a complete culmination of my life’s work on this subject to date.

The Love Supreme Blueprint program includes a combination of teachings, meditations, Gyana yoga – popularly known as Kundalini yoga – and chanting exercises, all of which are designed to clear away old stories we have been holding onto, whether these stories have stemmed from our own life experiences, our ancestors, our culture, or our wider society.

This course involves peeling away the layers of untruth we have built up around ourselves, in order to fully connect with our hearts: the inner space in which love can flourish.

Gyana yoga is a particularly powerful method of connecting with the heart, because it doesn’t require rational analysis. As human beings, we are often driven to find a solution for our difficulties through analysis: taking away one story and adding another. So how do we transcend that?

Let the body speak for itself. Let the heart speak for itself. Let the energy field speak for itself.

Discipline plays an important role in this process.

The truth of our deepest nature as love embodied is already there, just waiting for us to reclaim it. All we need to do is relax into it. However, I have observed that the process of learning how to fully relax and release our old stories requires commitment. We need to engage with our healing practices in a regular, consistent manner. We must be willing to trust the mystery of the healing journey, and allow it to work its magic, rather than placing countless mental stories around it.

This process is not akin to spiritual bypassing – which involves pretending that the world as we know it is in an ideal state, and that no action needs to be taken. There is a sacred paradox at work here: once we have surrendered to the mystery of our healing journey, let go of outmoded stories, and stepped into our truth as powerful, creative beings of love, we are more able to enact lasting positive change in the world around us.

Our planet needs love, now more than ever. It doesn’t need spiritual bypassing. The love that our planet needs is a real, raw kind of love. When we stop accepting that which is not acceptable – such as hunger, war, poverty or division – we step up to a greater sense of love. Then the world can step up and meet us where we are.

The reason I chose the word ‘blueprint’ to describe the content of this course is that this word refers to a foundational plan or guideline, from which a beautiful structure may be developed. The content I will provide is intended to serve as a ‘blueprint’ that participants can continue to use long after the course itself has ended. They can work with the exercises and teachings over a longer period of time, to more deeply explore their essence as beings of love.

The original love story we once knew as children is a tale of beauty, joy, generosity, openness and abundance.

This story provided us with all of the wisdom we need in order to express our true selves. In The Love Supreme Blueprint, I will be discussing that story in greater depth. Allow yourself to know, once again, what it means to truly love. You will then become a magnet for the love you really desire.

What is love?

Humanity has gone through centuries of misunderstanding the answer to that question. It is my deepest wish that The Love Supreme Blueprint will enable people to discover that the answer is more profound than they could ever have imagined.



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