Find Your Haven: A Unique Approach to Transformational Healing and Learning for High Achievers

Press Release: "Find Your Haven: A Unique Approach to Transformational Healing and Learning for High Achievers"

Find Your Haven: A Unique Approach to Transformational Healing and Learning for High Achievers by Hema Vyas

Renowned psychologist, speaker and trainer Hema Vyas is proud to announce the launch of Haven experiences in Italy, India and Dubai. Haven offers two distinct experiences for high-achievers seeking healing and learning. The first is the “Haven Success Serenity Sojourn,” which is designed to help individuals connect with their true aspirations, expand heart-centered leadership qualities and create inner space for outer impact. The second is “Haven for Healing the Silent Heartache of High Achievers,” which is tailored for those dealing with heartbreak or loss.

“While a retreat offers an escape, Haven provides a unique space to focus on diving deep into your leadership development, where you can actively cultivate personal growth, refine your skills and create meaningful connections. Programs are designed to enhance your capabilities and nurture your inner resilience to thrive in both professional and global contexts. Havens empower you to strengthen your connection with yourself and others in an intimate and supportive atmosphere,” says Hema Vyas. 

At a time when wellness travel is on the rise (with the global wellness tourism market reaching $819.9 billion in 2023) and leadership development is increasingly seen as a priority for professional growth (the number one priority for 60% of HR leaders is leader and manager effectiveness), Haven offers a unique and multi-faceted approach to transformational experiences. 

The Haven concept is the latest evolution of Hema’s work, which focuses on empowering startups, corporations and individuals by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to tap into the power and potential of the heart. This concept is built upon Hema’s extensive experience of 14 years in conducting wellness and leadership programs across India, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Estonia, as well as 30 years of guiding personal and professional growth for high achievers who she describes as humble, curious and accomplished.

Havens offers a chance to invest in yourself and create a profound impact. Release whatever may be holding you back from your fullest potential and learn to do the same for your teams. Connect with other founders, entrepreneurs and leaders in a space dedicated to meaningful collaboration and growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to show up more powerfully and creatively for yourself, your people and your business. Find your Haven. 


Havens can also be tailored to organizations or teams for group leadership development. Contact to request a brochure for yourself or your company.


Hema Vyas is a psychologist, keynote speaker (The Conduit, The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, Soho House, ExCel London) and corporate wellness mentor with over 30 years of experience in private practice. She is a certified instructor at the Chopra Center and also teaches meditation, kundalini yoga and ayurveda. Hema runs executive wellness programs in India, the UAE and Europe and delivers live, virtual, and on-demand programs on heart intelligence at work. As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™ Hema champions the fusion of health, humanity and sustainability as the foundation of personal and business practices, teaching startups, corporations and global audiences how to harness the power and potential of the heart for greater effectiveness, consciousness and success. Her talks, workshops and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands, helping them to embrace heart qualities in leadership, wellness and culture. In 2022, she was recognized with several awards, including the UK Health Radio Award for Self-Development Service of the Year and the Greater London Enterprise Award for Best Corporate Wellness & Life Leadership Mentor. Hema is also a Non-Executive Director for the start-up Positive Transition. She is currently working on her book, “The Silent Heartache of High Achievers: The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Humanity Is To Heal Yourself.”


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